Death Side Live

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Any doubts that Chelsea of Deathside and later Paintbox is best hardcore punk guitarist ever? Check this. Chelsea RIP 17th/aug/07…



Punk and politics

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Politics have always been part of punk and politics in punk in 2014 is still relevant! One of the bands that proves that is Pussy Riot.Their message and the situationist methods they use are intelligent and effective. Here is their new song from Sochi.

Richard Ramirez

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Sun Kil Moon’s wicked song about satanic serial killer Richard Ramirez


Andrei Rublev

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Last week saw the full uncut version of Andrei Tarkovsky‘s movie Andre Rublev. Movie about famous Russian icon painter Andrei Rublev in middle ages was mindblowing. Definitely one of the most impressive movies I have ever seen, mind blowing in lots of aspects. Horses, pagans, tatars, monks and a quest for what is purpose of life. Showing the doubt of the artist while confronted with doubts and a lot of cruelty in his life.

Nausea, the Earth and Me

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Cold Cave released a new single Nausea, the Earth and Me.


BiS Kaidan

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Bis Kaidan Cd Cover

Just read in the last September issue of Wire magazine about the collaboration between Noize legends Hijokaidan and J-pop group Bis. Bis is a typical J-pop with a bit of gothic touch, but a album of both under the name of BiS kaidan is still a big surprise from both sides.  Check out the rather sick video:

There is also a website and a cd out. I thought the live performance of the BisKaidan was a bit soft, not really like the StaKaidan in the eighties. Still I will be excited to order order the cd myself.

BiS Kaidan

Zyanose Europe Tour

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Japanese hardest crust noize band is coming on tour in Europe in October. I can’t wait to see them again!! In my memory they are one of the best noize punk bands I have ever seen, so I hope they can live up to that again.


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