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Zinestars #8

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Finally reviews of some zines that I already received a while ago.

The Process Zine #4

The fourth issues of this Polish zine dedicated to the Process Church of the Final Judgement and a huge leap forward from the last issue. No excuse interviews with tuff guy bands, only interviews with evol hardcore and metal bands. Also Michal his own writings have progressed. There is an interesting feature on some Polish occult dude from the 19th century Stanislaw Przybyszewski and an cool article on The Process vs Charles Manson. Two of the others articles he is bashing the Christian church, which is easy and a bit a wast of time according to me. Why do you care?

Interviews with Ancient VVisom, Skinfather and Sabbath Assembly who put Process hymns into music. I never heard of them, it’s interesting concept, but when I looked up their music its a bit boring I think. My favorite interview is the on with the Irish Holy Terror band Cape of Bats.I only miss a question of how it is being from Nothern Ireland and on the Holy Terror label, growing up during the Troubles in fucking shizo Derry and then end up playing in a Holy Terror band.

Process Zine great zine pick it up! He only should do something on the lay out. It contains some evil imagery, but it’s made up with Word or something. The Table of Contents on the second page looks like a high school paper. I know it’s shitload of extra work, still DIY zines should be cut n paste!

Incidental Afterthought #15

Incidental Afterthough describes itself as “a personal music-fanatic zine” and I couldn’t say it better. It contains 19 interviews with heavy intense music from all over the place. Cut and paste layout. There are pretty cool writings, reviews and ramblings by Wordslinger. His most sincere piece of writing is a loveletter to Philippine actress Sam Pinto. My favorite interviews are with hardcore noize outfit Drainland from Ireland and Black Face. Black Face a band with Chuch Dukowski (Black Flag) and Eugene Robinson (Oxbow) who play some arrangements that never made it to some later Black Flag ep’s. That must be intense shit, can’t wait to get a hold of it. More bands interviewed are Anne, Baptists, Awaas, Children of God, Lesbian, Vile Intent, Dead in the Dirt, Column of heaven, Fatalist and The Serpentine Path and more and more. IA # 16 apparently is also out, hope Wordslinger survived the floodings in Manila. This is one best zines out here at the moment, make sure you get a copy!

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