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Hijokaidan at Shinjuku Loft 1982

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Hijokaidan Live Performance in 1981

I stumbled on the below live video of Hijokaidan of a legendary performance in Tokyo in 1982. On the following link where you read about the history of Hijokaidan, their guitarist Jojo Hiroshige tells the following about this gig:

” On April 5th we played a gig at the Shinjuku Loft to celebrate the release of the LP. The line-up was Oka, Ishida, Woo, Jojo, Kami, Ichiguchi, Mikawa, Taniguchi, and Hikari Hayakawa as a guest. The LP had been released the day before. Also on the bill were Joki (Tamio Shiraishi), and Namida no Ramen Quartet. We bought some earthworms and lugworms at a fishing tackle shop and mixed these in buckets with eggs, milk, squid, salmon roe, raw fish and so on. During the performance we upended these buckets over our heads (in order not to damage the stage we had covered it with cardboard boxes we had found in the street. I remember fondly that Taniguchi and I had wandered around Shinjuku looking for these cardboard boxes and we sometimes came to blows with the homeless over them). It was too detailed a performance to be seen by the audience but I noticed that Oka carefully allowed the earthworms to hang from his mouth. The instruments we had brought along were soon unable to produce any proper sounds. In a gig like this where we were 200% hyped up we of course played our bodies and howled, resulting in a performance centred around badly connected noise. There was also an incident where Ebi-kun, a devoted follower of Hijokaidan and pyromaniac, got so turned on by the performance that he threw a firecracker on to the stage. The sight of him running around after the gig with a squid in one hand, a sea cucumber in the other and a big grin on his face, is one that has remained with me. I also remember that while we were washing up our filthy bodies out back of Loft, a police car appeared at the entrance for some reason. The female member of staff from Loft who had to clean up the stage complained that the worms had escaped into the cracks between the tiles. We had been sure that Loft would force us to pay some fine but they paid us all of our guarantee without a word (however it would be five years before we would again appear on stage there).”

Part 2 :

These videos are featured on the Legendary Live Collection of Hijokaidan Vol. 5 dvd released by Alchemy Records.


Paintbox – Trip, Trance & Travelling

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Paintbox full lengths

Already got the Paintbox Lp’s before Christmas. I also bought the cd version of  “Trip, Trance & Travelling” with the intention to give it to a Japenese friend who is into psych music. Now I think I just burn a copy for him, coz I think the cd version does more justice to the cover art and the booklet has way more pictures than the LP version. Anyway one of the best album of 2009, if not the best. Japanese Burning Spirit Hardcore mixed with Folk, Psych and J-pop. In general I hate guitar solo’s , but Paintbox’s guitarist Chelsea plays them with such an incredible skill and soul that it doesnt matter at all. As soon as he lets his guitar howl in the first song “Cry of the Sheep”…..

The next song “A Field in the Moonlight” is way more weird with kitchy J-pop vocals and a saxophone. You either hate it or love it:

Zinestars #3

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At Both End Zine 9/10 & I Remember Haloween 2/3

I Remember Halloween #3/#4 (****)

 I once got a zine from Philippines before that wasn’t that great. So I was a bit skeptical, but I Remember Halloween proved me wrong. Issue #3 totally rocks with a focus on the Japanese scene report and interviews with Completed Exposition, Dudman and DreadEye. Especially the extensive interview with the American singer of Dudman is really cool. Issue # 4 has on third page a picture of nun with a bar over her eyes written: “Listen to Sabbath”. Totally cool dark imaginary, just like tons of reviews of zines and records and interesting interviews with some SE Asian bands. Fourth issue is a bit more on crusty and sludge bands, interviews with Thou, Protestant and Fight Amp. Great zine.

At Both Ends Zine (****)

Last issue of this zine from Vancouver Canada comes as a double issue of 140 pages including two 7”s with songs by Grade and Bane. The lay out and interviews of At Both Ends are professionally done without it losing the personal touch of the main man behind it Stephen Fallis. In the interviews he focuses on a wide range of topics like environment issues, movies, tour stories and of course scene politics. My favorite parts are the Bane Latin America tour report, Greg Bennick of Trial about his documentaries the zine making special and the Sick Of It All interview.

By the way check out below the trailer of the last documantary Greg Bennick produced:

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