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Zinestars #7

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Finally some zine reviews here. I got some packages last week. Some quality zines from Philipine and also got the new Process Zine. Since zines don’t have an “I like” button and the next Jagged Visions Zine will take a while, here follow some reviews to show my f@#%ng aprreciation. Later this week more.
Real Tight Crew #5

Fifth issue of this Philipino zine. In this one only interviews with other Philipino zine makers and some average columns. I hate the layout of the zine, there is text everywhere in some Word layout, which make it hard to focus while reading. I Remember Halloween and Incidental Afterthought are cool zines, so I expected a bit more from the interviews. Sending lists of questions for interviews is al right, but when there is interesting feedback or a question; you will have to send a follow up question. So are you reading up some Carl Jung shit, Joab? Never heard of Konspira Zine. The dude seems to be more the standard hardcore dude, talking about nachos and finishing the interview with “Sincerity, Integrity, Faith and Action”. Unless he wanted to shout some names of kick ass bands, it sounds cheesy. Still I liked this interview the most. I wouldn’t order this zine from Europe, but if you can get your hands on it in a trade (like me…) get it!

Incidental Afterthought #14

Screenshot of Raoul Duke from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on the cover and you know this is the shit. Jose Lorenzo aka Wordslinger and his pseudo crew did it again. I already review an issue before and this zine breathes HARDCORE. Cut&Paste, dark imagery, DC Hardcore appreciation, great ramblings, Beavis and Butthead article, bitching reviews, Black Flag adoration! Interviews with 4 Philipino bands first. The Death Metal band Lost Of Control interview is cool. If I would be in to Death Metal I would check it out. Unfortunately I’m not. Satan saved me. Noize rock band Ginseng Luzon interview is cool. According to Joseph’s intro they should have been on SST in the 80ties, judge yourself. Bad Omen is punk rock band with a bit oi edge, cool to read about their Indonesia tour. If I would be into Skatepunkrock I would like them.

Then the non-Asian band interviews. First KEN Mode, great interview with good questions and long interesting answers. I would loved this band 8 years ago. Check. Unfortunately it is 2012. Then the short interview with US Christmas. Nice that he made the interview in article format, instead of Q&A. Especially since Joseph is an excellent writer that makes sense here. US Christmas list Nick Cave as a big influence. Luckily I like dark, heavy bluesy rock with psychadelic noize!
It’s late and im going to bed, later this week also Incidental Afterthought #15 and Process Zine #4.



Grazhdanskaya Oborona

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A couple of years ago I got a zine from Poland or Czech from a trade which only featured bands from East Europe. Actually the original zine appeared in Slavic and I got the translated version which also included a mix cdr. In the zine was an article on the Russian punk band Grazhdanskaya Oborona. The story told of the band who started in the Soviet was really fascinating and also the translated lyrics were amazing. After I heard a song of them on the mix cd I was definitely blown away. Punk rock with folk influences straight from the heart with a lot of raw energy and of course being Russian it had the right melancholic edge. They are from Omsk, which is in South west Siberia.

Since I couldn’t find the zine anymore I just did a search to find some of there songs on the internet. First here one of their older songs, more noize street punk:

Their later songs seems to have more psychadelic rock influence, which not always works. Especially when you don’t understand the lyrics. This one of my favorite folky songs with nice dark video:

The main man behind Grazhdanskaya Oborona was Yegor Letov, who wrote the songs and recorded their albums in their apartment. Soon after first album was recorded the KGB send to a mental institution and their bass player was drafted into the army. He really seems an interesting dude, although according to wikipedia he was also quite controversial. He passed away on 19th of February 2008 in his sleep. Check out here one of his solo songs.

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