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Tone Deaf EP

Posted in Japan on October 9, 2011 by Jagged Visions

Already a while ago I received from Japan the package with  Tone Deaf Ep and the Terro-Rhythm compilation. I met the guys from Tone Deaf in 2009 in Osaka, when I did an inteview with Ryo their singer for Jagged Visions zine #3. Tone Deaf is already around for quite some years. They have released a demo in 2004 and appear on quite some compilations, but this is their first proper own release.

The EP came with 4 sleeves in different colours: yellow, blue, green and black. On the cover is a drawing with pinguins on it. On the black vinyl 7″ are 5 songs. Tone Deaf plays furious old skool hardcore punk in the vein of DC bands like Faith, Dag Nasty and Minor Threat. Especially their ability to slow down in parts of the songs with groovy intermezzos before exploding again reminds me of DC hardcore, although also bands like SSD and Uniform Choice come to mind. Many bands before have been inspired by these bands, but Tone Deaf really does it in their own way. It sounds really fresh and energetic. The songs are tight and the singer is Ryo furious screaming his lungs out. My favorite song is “What a hateful World”. I also have to think of Japanese bands like Gauze, Mink Oil and especially SiC while listening to Tone Deaf.

This is a really good EP, All 5 songs have a lot of energy and if you are into Japanese hardcore, you should be eager to get this. The EP is released by the bands itself and I didn’t see it appear in any distro’s outside Japan. Probably the best thing to do is to contact the band itself, because unfortunately this is not a download blog, but hey what is better than finding a package from Japan on your doormat, to unpack it and to put the EP on the recordplayer!

In my package also came the Terro-Rhytm compilation cd #6 with Tone Deaf on it as well. The concept of Terro-Rhythm compilation is to have 4 different Japanese bands on it doing around 8 songs each. Next to Tone Deaf on this compilation are this time Avfall, Lullabye and Conga Fury. Lullabye sounds fresh, energetic rocking hardcore/screamo from Fukuoka, maybe not so original but good. Avfall plays heavy crust punk, the recordings sounds a bit low and poor, but maybe they did it on purpose to sound crusty.. Conga Fury plays fast noize hardcore, but can’t really convince me, they sound a bit too polished. Especially compared to other noize core like Zyanose, Death Dust Extractor or Iterismo. Some of the Tone Deaf songs have with titles like “Wig Out At Denka” or “Kids will not have their say” references to classic punk songs by Dag Nasty and SSD. Songs are good, although i prefer the ones on the EP. Fast raging old skool hardcore.

Here a live video from Tone Deaf:

and check here SiC:

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