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Noted that some videos of one of my favorite Japanese hardcore punk bands appeared online in the last 2 years. So I would love to share my love for UG Man here.

First a video from 2002 in a Japanese TV studio. First songs miss a bit of energy, half way the set they are full with energy.


Here a more recent video from 2011 with lots of crowd action

A very old video from 2001 of the UG boys on a Skate ramp with kids skating and moshing to UG man



Death Side Live

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Any doubts that Chelsea of Deathside and later Paintbox is best hardcore punk guitarist ever? Check this. Chelsea RIP 17th/aug/07…



BiS Kaidan

Posted in Japan with tags , , , on October 24, 2013 by Jagged Visions

Bis Kaidan Cd Cover

Just read in the last September issue of Wire magazine about the collaboration between Noize legends Hijokaidan and J-pop group Bis. Bis is a typical J-pop with a bit of gothic touch, but a album of both under the name of BiS kaidan is still a big surprise from both sides.  Check out the rather sick video:

There is also a website and a cd out. I thought the live performance of the BisKaidan was a bit soft, not really like the StaKaidan in the eighties. Still I will be excited to order order the cd myself.

BiS Kaidan

Zyanose Europe Tour

Posted in Japan with tags , , on September 20, 2013 by Jagged Visions

Japanese hardest crust noize band is coming on tour in Europe in October. I can’t wait to see them again!! In my memory they are one of the best noize punk bands I have ever seen, so I hope they can live up to that again.


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More sick videos from Japan. Not a la dente, but Pastafasta fucking grind:

Another psychedelic colorful video made by the same guy named Akasihic for the noize rock group Hiratuka Decoder:


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Song from CDEP “An Overturned Toy Box” on Less Than TV records. Already release in 2011. Female headed noize rock from Japan. Live videos are quite different. I love this Alice Wonderland inspired black and white video.

LSD and Jukiko Okada

Posted in Japan with tags , , , on May 29, 2012 by Jagged Visions

LSD was one of the extremest hardcore punk bands from the early eighties in Japan, but how does this Japanese pop idol  Jukiko Okada link with LSD? It is a bit of sinister story. It will start to make more sense if you take into account that L.S.D. is acronym for Lustmort Snatch Death. Jukiko Okada was a winner of pop idols TV contest at the age of 16 and became a famous star in Japan. Three years later she shocked the country with a tragic suicide by jumping  of a 7 story  building. Her death resulted in many copycat suicides in Japan, which became known as the Yukko syndrome.

For their final EP “Jast Last” LSD used the pictures of her death for the recorded sleeve. Apparently the sleeve got banned and replaced by a picture of two soldiers facing each other. The ep with the original sleeve is reallly really rare and now a collectors item. The EP is really fucking awesome. You can download at this epic good blog for bad bad music and also see video below.

The strange and weird thing was, the same day as I was checking out about LSD. I read the before mentioned blog and also read the comment about Yukiko Okada. Since I’m a bit of a sucker for J-pop I read into the whole Okada suicide cult. Anyway that same evening I was for a course at the campus of the university of Utrecht. I walk with another student to a parking place behind student flats and there is place which is enclosed by a security ribbon, where there is some kind of memorial with some flowers and candles. We wonder what happened as there is strange vibe around the place.

That night I have a dream. This is what I wrote in my dream diary on 9-9-10. “I walk with a study friend into flat on the campus. We enter the living room, my friends walk into his room at the right. I stay in the room, where one of his old house mates sits on chair. She is mourning, I feel she has a lot of sadness. There are tea light and also incense on the table. The person who passed away killed herself. I sat down on the arm chair on the right of the girl. As I sat down, suddenly a lot of energy goes through my body. It feels really terrifying, but also like letting go. Then I wake up. I feel a glowing energy through my body from the top of my head to my feet.” I immediately know that the place I passed the previous evening is related to my dream and that it was suicide. Next morning I immediately check, the internet which confirms my story.  I don’t know how to explain it, like some sort of synchronicity. Anyway from personal experience I can tell suicide is one of the worst things that can happen to any of your relatives. It leaves you with a lot sorrow, regrets and questions. Why did you do it?? Although that question is sometimes also misplaced, coz there can be plenty of reasons why people can’t cope with live any more. If suicide will solve that is another question. I don’t think so, but heah then in my reality there is a life after death! So killing yourself doesn’t completely solve the issues that you have to face….

Anyway LSD. Awesome!

Fucking amazing Live video from 1983:

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