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Zinestars #10

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Upheaval fanzine made by Craig from Boston US already exists since 1995! This is issue #15 and first time I get a copy of it. Upheaval  zine specializes in hardcore bands from all over the globe. In this issue an interview with Overkill for Profit from Azerbaijan and Co-Arse from the Philippines. Especially the Overkill for Profit is an interesting read about a pretty tiny isolated Hardcore punk scene in the Caucasus and on the social taboo to wear shorts in Baku. Pretty good band as well, check.

There are lots of reviews in the zine of mcd and cd splits of bands from Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. Like Craig says himself ironically “you might think Craig would love a band who was recorded in tin can while underwater with a broken 4 track”. And that is indeed the feeling i get when reading the reviews, it might not be the trendiest stuff or best recorded or whatever, it’s sincere and intense and isn’t that what hc is about? Same appreciation I also got when i read the review written by Craig and his friend, I might not gonna check out the bands, but i enjoyed reading the reviews.

Still best thing of Upheaval #15 is the personal interview with Keith Bennett. Dude played bass in the legendary Wrecking Crew from Boston and now he sings and plays guitar in Panzer Bastard. He also played bass in the live line up of Ramallah. Dude has had a lot of highs and lows in his life and openly talks about him being a coke head, auditioning for The Cult, manic depression, being on reality TV show and joining National Socialist party. Interviews is full of great stories and quotes. Some of my favorites of him singing in Bitter, a tough guy band with Chris from Slapshot, “I feel like I ruined those awesome songs with phony gangster bullshit”. Or him reflecting on his time with the National Socialist “I don’t think anyone is 100% free of prejudice. Whether it’s due to skin color or length of hair or not having the ‘proper’ clothes any given ‘scene’ dictates. The key is realizing asking yourself why. I learned it the hard way. Some never will.” I have got some copies left. For the kids from US please contact upheaval dot fanzine at gmail dot com


Zinestars #9

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A couple of months ago I was at a hardcore show of the incredible Crazy Spirit with Vaccine and Sex Drive. I picked up newsletter “When Cowards Sleep”. A newsletter made by the dudes of Sex Drive with info on upcoming shows and a scene report. Straight back to pre-internet times and a hopeful sign of the implosion of hc messageboards.The newsletter also announced the release of zine ambiguously named # Hardcore.

That made me pretty siked and now finally got a copy of this Dutch zine by the drummer of Sex Drive. Cut and paste A4 zine that worships hardcore and reminds me a lot of that bunch of amazing Belgium zines that came out 10 years, that were again inspired by Schizm and  all these early NY zines. In # Hardcore ther is also an interview with Chris Wynne the man behind In Effect zine, one of the zines from that era. Dude brings up some memories from back in the days and how he made his zine, pretty cool. Also an interview with State Of Mind from Holland and straight edge hardcore from Boston No Tolerance. I love all these Boston hc and Lockin Out type of bands, but most interviews I read with them, these dudes always sounds a bit ignorant, way too cool and give some mock up answers. Still nice read and No Tolerance!!

Next to columns, reviews, top 10 youth crew 7″, pictures, a copied Murphy’s Law interview and interview with Rise and Fall. On each song of their new album Faith a specific question is asked by the interviewee who drummed himself as well with Rise and Fall. It makes a very pleasant read with interesting personal answers. One of the best Rise and Fall interviews I read and makes me have to get that LP asap. Get the zine, a must do here.


Zinestars #8

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Finally reviews of some zines that I already received a while ago.

The Process Zine #4

The fourth issues of this Polish zine dedicated to the Process Church of the Final Judgement and a huge leap forward from the last issue. No excuse interviews with tuff guy bands, only interviews with evol hardcore and metal bands. Also Michal his own writings have progressed. There is an interesting feature on some Polish occult dude from the 19th century Stanislaw Przybyszewski and an cool article on The Process vs Charles Manson. Two of the others articles he is bashing the Christian church, which is easy and a bit a wast of time according to me. Why do you care?

Interviews with Ancient VVisom, Skinfather and Sabbath Assembly who put Process hymns into music. I never heard of them, it’s interesting concept, but when I looked up their music its a bit boring I think. My favorite interview is the on with the Irish Holy Terror band Cape of Bats.I only miss a question of how it is being from Nothern Ireland and on the Holy Terror label, growing up during the Troubles in fucking shizo Derry and then end up playing in a Holy Terror band.

Process Zine great zine pick it up! He only should do something on the lay out. It contains some evil imagery, but it’s made up with Word or something. The Table of Contents on the second page looks like a high school paper. I know it’s shitload of extra work, still DIY zines should be cut n paste!

Incidental Afterthought #15

Incidental Afterthough describes itself as “a personal music-fanatic zine” and I couldn’t say it better. It contains 19 interviews with heavy intense music from all over the place. Cut and paste layout. There are pretty cool writings, reviews and ramblings by Wordslinger. His most sincere piece of writing is a loveletter to Philippine actress Sam Pinto. My favorite interviews are with hardcore noize outfit Drainland from Ireland and Black Face. Black Face a band with Chuch Dukowski (Black Flag) and Eugene Robinson (Oxbow) who play some arrangements that never made it to some later Black Flag ep’s. That must be intense shit, can’t wait to get a hold of it. More bands interviewed are Anne, Baptists, Awaas, Children of God, Lesbian, Vile Intent, Dead in the Dirt, Column of heaven, Fatalist and The Serpentine Path and more and more. IA # 16 apparently is also out, hope Wordslinger survived the floodings in Manila. This is one best zines out here at the moment, make sure you get a copy!

Zinestars #7

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Finally some zine reviews here. I got some packages last week. Some quality zines from Philipine and also got the new Process Zine. Since zines don’t have an “I like” button and the next Jagged Visions Zine will take a while, here follow some reviews to show my f@#%ng aprreciation. Later this week more.
Real Tight Crew #5

Fifth issue of this Philipino zine. In this one only interviews with other Philipino zine makers and some average columns. I hate the layout of the zine, there is text everywhere in some Word layout, which make it hard to focus while reading. I Remember Halloween and Incidental Afterthought are cool zines, so I expected a bit more from the interviews. Sending lists of questions for interviews is al right, but when there is interesting feedback or a question; you will have to send a follow up question. So are you reading up some Carl Jung shit, Joab? Never heard of Konspira Zine. The dude seems to be more the standard hardcore dude, talking about nachos and finishing the interview with “Sincerity, Integrity, Faith and Action”. Unless he wanted to shout some names of kick ass bands, it sounds cheesy. Still I liked this interview the most. I wouldn’t order this zine from Europe, but if you can get your hands on it in a trade (like me…) get it!

Incidental Afterthought #14

Screenshot of Raoul Duke from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on the cover and you know this is the shit. Jose Lorenzo aka Wordslinger and his pseudo crew did it again. I already review an issue before and this zine breathes HARDCORE. Cut&Paste, dark imagery, DC Hardcore appreciation, great ramblings, Beavis and Butthead article, bitching reviews, Black Flag adoration! Interviews with 4 Philipino bands first. The Death Metal band Lost Of Control interview is cool. If I would be in to Death Metal I would check it out. Unfortunately I’m not. Satan saved me. Noize rock band Ginseng Luzon interview is cool. According to Joseph’s intro they should have been on SST in the 80ties, judge yourself. Bad Omen is punk rock band with a bit oi edge, cool to read about their Indonesia tour. If I would be into Skatepunkrock I would like them.

Then the non-Asian band interviews. First KEN Mode, great interview with good questions and long interesting answers. I would loved this band 8 years ago. Check. Unfortunately it is 2012. Then the short interview with US Christmas. Nice that he made the interview in article format, instead of Q&A. Especially since Joseph is an excellent writer that makes sense here. US Christmas list Nick Cave as a big influence. Luckily I like dark, heavy bluesy rock with psychadelic noize!
It’s late and im going to bed, later this week also Incidental Afterthought #15 and Process Zine #4.


The Process Zine #3

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Through a trade with Michal, the maker of the zine, I got the Process  Zine of Final Judgement from Poland. The hc zine is dedicated to Satanism and in particular to the Proces Church of the Final Judgement.

The zine starts with an interview with the Polish tuff guy band Bloodstained. They seem to be nice guys, but I never would be interested to buy their record. Also an interview with Harms Way who also seem to be nice guys and I would be a bit more interested to listen to their stuff. Definitely would check them out if they would do a show in my town. Anyway these interviews seem to be there, because Michal has his roots in hc punk. The thing he really wants to talk about is about Satanism and he tries to bring that up in the interviews, but the bands have not too much to say on this topic.

Hans Verbeke of Liar has surprisingly a lot to tell on Satanism. Liar was one of my favorite H8000 bands. I always more affiliated them with animal rights than the church of Satan. So it was interesting to hear Hans in this interview explain his interest in Satanism. Lately he became the new singer of Holy Terror band Rot In Hell, which he also talks about. Good interview!

The zine also contains several columns and texts on Satanism. “The 11 satanic rules of the earth” by Anton Szandor Lavey himself which is printed in the zine with an explanation are bullshit to me. Too much of a punk for that shit. I don’t want any rules, especially not like “do not give advice unless you are asked” or “do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal”. I’m interested in how LaVey is influenced by Nietzsche and gnostics, but all these crappy symbols, codes, rituals and the idea of establishing a church as an organization is too authorial for me, even if they preach individualism. LaVey also seems a bit too much of a poser too me. He might be an intelligent and nice guy, it just doesn’t attract me.

The Process Church of Final Judgement that is of another level. More the real deal to me, although I’m not that interested in their theology, the story of Process Church, like a story of humanity, is really fascinating. The Process church started in late 60-ties in London as spiritual groups around Marry Anne and Robert DeGrimston doing psychotherapy and within years the group moved to Mexico to live in a commune. A book on Process Church, which this zine also refers to, was released in 2009 and I still want to read that book, which is written by an insider of the early Process church. In the zine also a piece of writing by Robert DeGrimston himself is printed, which is not too interesting for me. I’m more interested in the psychotherapy techniques the group used, undergoing them yourself even would probably be more insightful than reading hundreds of books about the church.

There is also a cool column in the zine on why metal shows suck. He complains about the fact that metal kids use satanic symbols, but don’t refer to sources of satanism. Yeah, a lot metal kids are just  long-haired beer drinking guys with dark evil t-shirts with reverted crosses playing Diablo and read Tolkien. Like in a lot of scenes there is a lot of emphasis on looks, just like punk and hardcore I believe. I mean how many punks with anarchy signs really read Bakunin? Still I agree with him too much fake Satanists in metal. And metal shows often are boring, but then just don’t go!

Great zine, especially if you are into Process Church. You can order it from Michal and I also have some copies available if you are interested. Just drop me a  mail.

Zinestars #6

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Got two kickass zines from the Philippines in the post this week. Check my reviews below! Zines rule, blogs suck! 🙂

Incidental Afterthought #13/ I Remember Halloween 5

Split zines between this two half size zines from the Phillippines. I Remember Halloween by Dane Cortes start has some cool interviews with From Ashes Rise, Crippled Black Phoenix and Low Vision from Japan. Especially the Crippled Black Phoenix interview is interesting with them talking about all kind of stuff like films, their jobs and their artwork. The Low Vision interview is short and the answers are in broken English, but still gives a good vibe where these dudes are into. One of the best Japanese trash bands out there, especially live check this energetic video!

split zine

The second half of the split zine, Incidental Afterthought #13 is by a dude named Joseph Wordslinger with help of some friends. The zine has two long interviews with Eye Hate God and Moloch from the UK. A long interesting piece about why there are no serial killers in the Philippines. I remember when I was in Indonesia they just caught a cannibal serial killer named Sumanto who thought he became immortal when he ate his victims. Dukun! Black Magic. Do they really not have this stuff in Phillippines? I can’t believe it, but lucky for them.  Nice dark, original zine with lots of personality, I have to get the remaining 12 issues somehow…

I Remember Halloween #6

Issue number 6 of IRH only covers local Philippine bands, scene report and only reviews of local zines and bands. There seem to be a lot of zines out there, which I would like to see over here as well… Bands interviewed are Rush Id, Isvarah and Isukas over Disneyland. I never heard of them, still i liked to read what they had to say. Always good to read that the same scene bullshit politics are everywhere the same. Good concept, still next time I would like to read some interviews with foreign bands again!

Zinestars #5

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Finally I got around to post some reviews of zines that I read! Zines are fun and when facebook is dead still be there!


Some Will Never Know #2

The second issue of Some Will Never Know is already out for a while and if you don’t have a copy yet it is about time to pick one up. This zine is really worth the money, like the first issue good long personal interviews with interesting people.  The ones that stood out for me were the interviews with Che the ex-singer of Born From Pain, that dude from Wales, Jos of Seein Red and with Pieter Hendriks who drummed in a lot of Dutch bands like Reaching Forward, Nrsimhadeva and also Born From Pain. Favorite story was probably the one with Serge de Maar who is the man behind the famous Innocent who tells about his travels and former political activities. It is really interesting which surprising stories a lot of people have to tell and all credits to Pim who gets that out of them. Like Jos of Seeing Red making house music like Fatboy Slim or Serge of Innocent about being in jail in Germany for terrorist activities.

There is also a nice article where a lot of different people tell their story about the Goudvishal in Arnhem. The now closed down concert hall was the main place for hardcore punk in the nineties in Holland which can be read in a lot of different memories from the volunteers, the bands and visitors. In the coming weeks I will try to write down my own memories and post them here!

Pim keeps continue writing and publishing on his blog and hopefully #3 will also once see the light.

Chaotiks Revenge #6/ Ploppy Pants # 10

Split zine from 2010 between Chaotiks Revenge from Holland by Marit and Ploppy Pants from Scotland by Roddy. Small crusty zines with short interviews, rants, reviews and personal stories about traveling. Chaotik has an interview with Regulations and a cool interview with people of Swomp who squatted a piece of fallow in the centre of Amsterdam to make a biological vegetable garden. Ploppy Pants is not shitty at all. I loved the great long in-depth interview with a guy called Jeeves, who really is the coolest Scottish punk ever. he tells about the early punk scene. The lucky dude saw the likes of Joy Division, Saxon, The Clash, Motorhead, Buzzcocks and on and one. In the early nineties he organized rave festivals in the mountains of Scotland, toured with his own band and roadied for Oi Polloi and Bloodshot. He has a lot of great anecdotes. Pick the zine up if you can, only 1 euro!

Keep it Real #10

Apostolis from Greece of Keep It Real out and unfortunately it is the last issue… This issue has like expected lots of interviews and a nice lay out. Interviews with bands like Fucked Up, Integrity, Throats, Bitter End and Lemuria. Dwid of Integrity didnt seem so inspired by the questions and only gave short cryptic answers, which in a way is also cool. The Fucked Up guys put a bit more effort in it but still seem to be answer a bit on the automatic pilot, but in a way also cool if asked about which bands in the current scene he likes the most, he honestly says he mostly listens to house music. Bitter End, Lemuria and Glasses interviews are nice. Personally I liked the interviews with the Greek bands Ruined Family and Antimob the most, just like the interview with the artist who made the awesome cover. Instead of collums on vegetarism or violent dancing I also would have loved to read some more about the pretty fucked up political situation in Greece, but maybe Greek kids are totally sick of it? Nice zine and I’m curious about what the new project is going to be!

Antidrasi listed by the guys of Antimob as one of their favorite Greek bands. I like it!

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