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Ten reasons to like David Bowie even if you hate his music!

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So why wouldn’t you like David Bowie his music!?! I have no fucking clue! Still some people do and I will give them 10 reasons why they should at least like him for some other amazing things that he did next to music! I hope to post all these damn good reasons on this blog in the coming months. Some of them will be quite straight forward, others not. Today I will start with the reason #1!

Bowie and Burroughs

David Bowie wrote some of his lyrics using the cut up technique, which was invented by Dadaism and made popular by William S. Burroughs. The American novelist of the Beat generation would cut up normal texts, take out words, then rearrange the remaining words in random order. Burroughs thought the texts he wrote using these methods had subliminal meaning. Another way was to cut up two pieces of texts along the middle in half and then line two halves along the edge to get a new text. You can see Burroughs using this technique in the below video:

Bowie met Burroughs in 1974 in London, a journalist of Rolling Stone magazine set up an interview between the two. In the fascinating interview, they openly talk with each other about a lot of cool topics like psychic phenomena, Ziggy Stardust and Andy Warhol who is according to Burroughs  “a real science fiction character”. Burroughs also talks about dreams and how they influence him. He says that 70% of his ideas come from his dreams. David Bowie even keeps a tape recorder next to his bed to record his ideas. That both of them get a lot of creativity from the unconscious also is known through their interest in psychedelic drugs. Bowie once said that the time after Ziggy Stardust came out was one long trip of heavy drugs use. William Burroughs was also an advocate of drugs like LSD and regularly addicted to heroin. It is also really worthwhile to check out the hallucinatory hippie movie Chappaqua with an appearance of Burroughs and also of Allen Ginsberg.

Bowie and Burroughs

David Bowie also used the cut-up technique to make songs. The track “Warszawa” written with Brian Eno from “Low” album is made by using the cut-up technique. They cut up a instrumental songs in pieces based on finger-clicks and then rearranged it with chord changes based on certain numbers.  The melancholic and haunting song is one of the highlights of the first  album of the Berlin Trilogy, a series of amazing Bowie records in collaboration with Brian Eno. Ian Curtis who was a big Bowie fan first named his band  Warsaw after this song, to change it later to Joy Division.


Zinestars #6

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Got two kickass zines from the Philippines in the post this week. Check my reviews below! Zines rule, blogs suck! 🙂

Incidental Afterthought #13/ I Remember Halloween 5

Split zines between this two half size zines from the Phillippines. I Remember Halloween by Dane Cortes start has some cool interviews with From Ashes Rise, Crippled Black Phoenix and Low Vision from Japan. Especially the Crippled Black Phoenix interview is interesting with them talking about all kind of stuff like films, their jobs and their artwork. The Low Vision interview is short and the answers are in broken English, but still gives a good vibe where these dudes are into. One of the best Japanese trash bands out there, especially live check this energetic video!

split zine

The second half of the split zine, Incidental Afterthought #13 is by a dude named Joseph Wordslinger with help of some friends. The zine has two long interviews with Eye Hate God and Moloch from the UK. A long interesting piece about why there are no serial killers in the Philippines. I remember when I was in Indonesia they just caught a cannibal serial killer named Sumanto who thought he became immortal when he ate his victims. Dukun! Black Magic. Do they really not have this stuff in Phillippines? I can’t believe it, but lucky for them.  Nice dark, original zine with lots of personality, I have to get the remaining 12 issues somehow…

I Remember Halloween #6

Issue number 6 of IRH only covers local Philippine bands, scene report and only reviews of local zines and bands. There seem to be a lot of zines out there, which I would like to see over here as well… Bands interviewed are Rush Id, Isvarah and Isukas over Disneyland. I never heard of them, still i liked to read what they had to say. Always good to read that the same scene bullshit politics are everywhere the same. Good concept, still next time I would like to read some interviews with foreign bands again!

Massive Assault EP

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My Diard crew homie Jos released a new EP with his Death Metal band Massive Assault. The EP “Slayer” came out to have a record out with their new line up. Old singer Carl and drummer Gideon came back in the band and Jos switched from vocals to bass guitar. A bit of a pitty, because I liked his attitude as a frontman. I mean which singer of a metal band goes on stage in tight swimming pants or a pink t-shirt? On the other hand a good solution, because he still does backing vocals and the band sounds tighter than ever. Also check out Jos his other wannabee tuff guy metalcore band Dirty East Godverdomme!

Front cover of Slayer EP

The great front cover by Gijs shows a soldier from Platoon. I guess war is a bit the theme of the record. The first song with lyrics by ex-Painbrouwer singer and Afghanistan veteran Jurkie aka kuthippie is about Vietnam and I love what he wrote:

“The battlefield lays behind
wonder what I wil find
when the napalm fire is gone
will the ware be gone

Now I’m at the end

I don’t know what it meant
life used to terrify
and now I’m scared to die
scared to die

Marching the streets (3x)

The streets of dead (3x)

Oh no, the aftermath
the war lingers in my head

Bombs of confusion
dropped on our path
Do not retreat
move straight ahead

Bullets of emotions
are piercing my heart
our war begins
right at the start”

Combined with sick Slayer style riff and brutal vocals it is a killer of a song. The next song with Jos his hardcore style lyrics, the general theme is fuck society, I don’t care what you do and I walk my own path. It is a brutal song with some good mosh riffs. Massive Assault blast all these fake metalcore bands away like Slayer!

Next song Ghostriders is probably favorite, a real fucking anthem with a sick Slayer break in the middle. Sorry that I compare everything with Slayer, but they are the only metal band I sometimes listen to. The fourth song “Genoicide” is a nice dark song with Slayer style lyrics and deep growls! Last song is a live song, but it still sounds tighter and better produced than most bands!

I don’t know that much about metal and don’t listen to it too much, but I definitely know this is just good. No bullshit and pretention just call your record “Slayer” and trash!

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