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Record Stores in Osaka

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One of the things I always do when I’m on holiday is visit a record store. It tells a lot about local culture and of course you might find that rare vinyl record that is missing from your collection. Japan is an amazing country for vinyl nerds like me. First of all there are a lot of record stores that sell vinyl and there a lot of Japanese editions of classic records.

Osaka, the city where I spent my 2 months in Japan, has a lot of good recordstores that I already discovered in my first three weeks here. First of all I stumbled on King Kong Records in then Amerika Mura district.

Entrance King Kong

King Kong Record store seems a small, but when you actually walk down the stairs is a big store which sells mostly vinyl. They have a huge Hip Hop and Reggae section, but also have quite some indie, new wave and punk records. They play a lot of cheesy music like I heard Europe’s Final Countdown followed by a Country song and then some weird Japanese Pop. They get away with it, I mean the Final Countdown is classic, and it also suits the chaotic but warm atmosphere of the shop.

Inside King Kong

Further down the first street on the right I found another recordstore in a basement, Timebomb Records. A real clean and organized store divided into two sections, a rockabilly section and indie, new wave, punk and metal side. This side has a special cage with rare collectible records. They had quite some good old hardcore punk records, but they also knew their market value…


Then I went to Maru Kabutsu Record store on the other side of Yotsubashi avenue. This store is somehow affiliated with Alchemy Records (Merzbow, Masonna, Balsac) and is run by a lovely couple.


Maru Kabutsu

They have good records for a lot of different styles including a lot experimental music. I found here the rare Whitehouse classic “Dedicated to Peter Kuerten” on green vinyl and a record by Gauze. Although they were reasonable priced I didn’t buy them, maybe I’m going to shoot myself for that later. I’m a bit of a masochist anyway, because I don’t have the money to buy a real rare classic and don’t want the spend the extra kilo’s for my flight back on for example a Japanese edition of London Calling by The Clash for 20 Euros. I had the illusion to find a GISM record for 800 Yen, but hell yeah people know what they are selling…


Another area in Osaka where there are a lot of recordstores is south of Namba station into the electronic district Den Den Town. Here are a lot of stores that sell second hand records from Jazz to Rock to Japanese Pop. The other day I found one shop here that had a lot of experimental music. The owner was playing some amazing German Industrial while I was searching for records and I found some cheap records by Stalin. Great shop, but I couldn’t find it again. So I end this post with my other favorite shop in this area, where a client was playing electric guitar.



Japanese Devils

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Finally a post about my life in Japan! These signs to warn you for kids crossing the road in my neighbourhood.



Next post will be about recordstores in Osaka. Anyone who likes old vinyl will love Osaka for its numerous record stores.

The Sound of Insects

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For the second edition of Jagged Visions zine I didn’t spent a lot of time on making the cover. On the first edition I actually did spent time on it and that didn’t really work out. It was too chaotic and it came unexptected really grey out of the copy machine. Although it captured a lot of subjects that where in the zine it definitely wasn’t an eyecatcher that would trigger a lot of people to buy the zine…

So for the second issue everything had to be different. First I wanted an artist to design the cover of the the second edition, but that didn’t work out in the end. So I decided to just make a simple cover with a symbolical strong image. I went through my big pile of photo’s and pictures that  I collected throughout the year and chose this strong image of Death that is maybe  a bit  heavy metal, but quite strong in my opinion….

 Death cover

I later found out it was a picture I cut out of the leaflet of the Rotterdam International Film Festival.  It is a still from a documentary “The Sound Of Insects” by the Swiss artist Peter Liechti. It is really bad but in the stress of finishing the zine I didn’t credit him in the zine. So I thought i could kind of make it up to dedicate a post to it. I just wacthed the trailer and it is  a really interesting documentary. It is based on the notes of someone who committed suicide throug self-imposed starvation in the mountains and is based on a true story. It sounds a bit like a more hardcore version of “Into The Wild” Check out the trailer yourself:

The making of Jagged Visions zine 2

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Here are some pictures that I took in the last stage of the making of the zine.  All the pictures from magazines, print out and papers all over my tatami floor:


Old Skool do it yourself cut and paste:


Some pages look better without text:


The playlist:


And finally from the press:


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