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Sogo Ishii Music Videos (Part 2)

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After his critically acclaimed punk movies “Crazy Thunder Road” and “Burst City” Sogo Ishii challenged himself and changed his direction. He explains this in an interview on Midnight Eye. When the cyberpunk genre he initiated flourished Ishii only could make a few arthouse movies like “Crazy Family”, “August in the Water” and “Angel Dust”. This is what he calls his psychedelic years, which is also reflected in his music videos.

One of the few music videos he shoots in the nineties is a live video of the former punk band Friction.  The video is full with psychedelic nineties effects like a  Screensaver, music sounds a bit out dated but solid.

As far as i know the first high budget video Ishii did for a Japanese star. For this video he works with famous singer-songwriter UA. This is one of my favorite new Ishii videos with a dark symbolism, long shots, sinister in black and white.

Video from 2008 by Japanese Rock ‘N Roll band The Bacillus Brains who fight against some Russian mobsters.

A pretty cool high budget video of Japanese multi talent Joe Odagiri. He is very famous Japanese actor (Azumi, Kamer Rider Kugaa and Mushishi) and also directed movies himself. He is popular for his weird hair cuts  and obviously sings as well….



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Like many other hardcore punk records, Reflections Records started as a zine. As a matter of fact they still keep “Words | Music” in their logo, but 5 years after they released their last zine they finally published early this year again something to read: HRVST.

HRVST is a collection of writings and art of 166 pages based on a certain topic by people involved in the punk scene. For this first issue the topic of “death” was chosen. An interesting topic which could lead to a lot of great stories, but to be honest it is a bit too much hit or miss. Other stories avoid the subject a bit like the story by Rob Moran (Unbroken, Narrows) who writes about the band Death, which is still cool, but also a bit too easy. James McDonough (Titan) tries a bit too hard to be literary, which is intelligent and nice, but also feels a bit pretentious. Also the story about the girl in London who wants to be like Kate Moss and her trendy drug friends is too pretentious, it reads like Jack Kerouac or Bukowski wannabee story without cynicism.

Still when the people get into it and write from the heart it gets really good. I really like the poetic but nihilistic stories by Eugene S. Robinson (Oxbow), Nick Sadler (Daughters) and Wes Eishold (American Nightmare, Cold Cave). Still my favorite contribution is the one by one of the two editors of the book Hendrik Thiele about suicide. His personal story is maybe not the best, but really intense and heartbreaking. Also the stories by Chris Colohan (Left For Dead), Chuck Ragan, Rob Sullivan (Ruiner), Chirstin Medaas (Death Is Not Glamorous), Jobst Eggert (Highscore) and Steven (Comadre) about friends or family who passed away are touching. I also liked the art and design contributions, especially the ones by Herr Müller and Alice Martins.

Over all the average quality could have been a bit higher, but still I liked reading it a lot and think it is a really cool project. I’m looking forward to the next issue.

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