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Noted that some videos of one of my favorite Japanese hardcore punk bands appeared online in the last 2 years. So I would love to share my love for UG Man here.

First a video from 2002 in a Japanese TV studio. First songs miss a bit of energy, half way the set they are full with energy.


Here a more recent video from 2011 with lots of crowd action

A very old video from 2001 of the UG boys on a Skate ramp with kids skating and moshing to UG man



UG Man – Ah Good

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UG Man, the name sounds more like a grime mc from East London or the little brother of Beenie Man . Hell yeah, UG Man isn’t a dancehall star!  No, UG Man is my favorite  hardcore punk band from Japan! Their new cd “Ah Good” comes in a superb designed A4 envelope and is one of my favorite releases of 2009.

UG Man envelope which contains cd
UG Man envelope which contains the cd

The cd starts with an a cappela rap “Grass Pit” of   Tokyo based rapper Z3. I don’t really understand where he brags about in his Japanese slang. He has an awesome flow. Tokyo Nanda!? Ori ga chi ya? UG man Hardcore! Nanda!?! Ghetttoooo…  Something like that. Awesome intro. Then the band boost into 9 short fast trashing hardcore punk tunes like you never hear before.  A lot of current Japanese hardcore bands that are known over here like Framtid or Crude have a real crusty edge and are influenced by Discharge.  I guess you can place UG Man more in the line of bands that don’t have this metallic sound like Vivisick and Break Fast. UG Man however has some special thing that set them apart from other trashcore bands like the crazy guitar riffs in “Too Much Law Ism” or the weird breaks in “100円ショップノモノサシ” that reminded me of late Minor Threat stuff.  There is also a bit of a mad Melt Banana vibe, but UG Man is definitely more hardcore than them.

This is actually the second cd by UG Man. Two years ago UG Man released the also excellent “Without UG” and before that a split with Charm on 625 records.  That’s all I kind of know about this band, except that they also play in some other non-punk bands.  Info here and live video here.   I’m wondering who is going to release this on vinyl? This cd definitely deserves world wide distribution. I can’t upload any mp3’s to this blog, but found some excerpts on Tower Records site.  Check it out, but you better buy the envelope! Best hardcore band since Dead Stop!!

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