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Anarchist Fascist Toyama Koichi

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Below you can see a election video of Toyama Koichi who was  the independent candidate to be governor of Tokyo Chu in 2007. This anarchist-fascist has quite a nihilistic point of view:

Japan has a long history of nihilistic and anarchistic figures, but I was wondering if this dude (chech his punk boots) is a  G.I.S.M fan or has an anarchistic punk background?


Seein’ Red 20 Years anniversary

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Last weekend I went to see Seein’ Red’s 20th years gig in the OCCII in Amsterdam. Special for this occasion they recorded a 7″ with 8 covers of old Dutch punk bands like The Rondos, Jesus and The Gospelfuckers and The Bizon Kidz.

Seein' Rats

The Seein' Red 7" and poster

To be honest I’m not a huge Seein’ Red fan, as I almost never play their records at home, but I always enjoy their live shows.   This time it was better, because they played all these covers. Especially their version cover of Pandemonium’s  “We Fahren Gegen Nazis”  was amazing. Seein’ Red is always quite outspoken about their principles, sometimes a bit too dogmatic for me, but like the singer said: “bettter be black or white, than grey“. I hope they continue for a while, especially in the current climate of fear and hate in Holland.

The support bands were also cool. Possible Suspects had this cool post punk vibe with multi-vocals and played a great cover of Wire. The other band was the d-beat crust Ruidosa Immundica from Austria with a small girl from Argentina on who did some really really brutal vocals. Check it out if you like Los Crudos.

Edit: Check here a great quality video of the whole Seein’ Red set:


Origin of Madness

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Hiroshima has the doubtful honour to be the first city to be hit by a nuclear bomb. Besides this, or maybe even because of this macabre past, they also have a good history of punk. Most well known band is Gas thrash punk with female vocals, their classic 7″ “No More Hiroshima” goes for insane amounts of money on Ebay. The other famous HCHC band from the early eighties is the chaotic thrash punk Gudon. Guy, one of the members of Gudon  started Blood Sucker Records, who released a lot of Japanese HC classics. In the 2000’s he went on to form Origin of [M] with members of Warhead Junk and Cavemen.

…I think Origin of M is one of the best kept secrets from Japan. This band fucking rocks.  It’s hard to label them since they are influenced by a lot of different styles. A mix of groovy Metal and Hardcore I would say. One band that comes to my mind is Judgement and also a bit of GISM. Of course coming from Japan they are great musicians as well, the groovy bass even reminds me of Candiria. Origin of [M] released one self titled full length on Under the Surface Records, which I unfortunately don’t own. However I do have the Terro-Rhythm split cd, which contains six tracks of them. The killer opening track “Thirsty” can be downloaded from their myspace. The opening riff of “Twins” wouldn’t be misplaced on any NY Hardcore classic, all six songs are damm good. Check this live video of “Thirsty” and “Suicide”. A video of the song P.V. Outta Ke from their self titled cd is on youtube:
It wouldn’t be hard to find their cd, so check it out. I’m fucking broke at the moment otherwise it would be my first buy with the new Paintbox. Anyway to buy Japanese HC you don’t have to spend crazy amounts on ebay if there still so much good stuff coming out these days and this could be a classic in ten years…


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Above picture shows Japanese  war atrocities during WWII in Nanking China. It is a ep cover of the old Japanese punk band Tranquilizer from the island of Hokkaido, who played really fast noizecore like you never heard before. They have released two 7″ inches, which are pretty hard to find these days. You can download their first 7″ from 7inchpunk blog. Listen to the fucking weird howling singing. Insane!

Anyway their singer became a doctor and married a famous Japanese female pro-wrestler Jagur Yokata. So this lead to the following funny moment on a typical Japanese TV show. The guy with the funny haircut and the glasses was the singer of Tranquilizer.

She is pretty tough:

Anyway cute couple, I love these short typical Japanese videos (what’s the deal with them??) and amazing noize punk band:

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