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Jagged Visions #3 out now!!

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Finally the third issue of Jagged Visions zine on Japan has been printed! I already finished most of it in July and i only needed to do some small things which took way more time than expected. In the last three weeks I worked quite hard on it again. I even did some digital editing in Photoshop for it, which was completely new for me. I can also proudly say that this is definitely the best looking issue so far, also  due to the amazing cover drawing by Marlon.

I already send out the first copies last week, but I don’t know if they arrived yet due to postal strikes in Holland. If you want a copy as well, please send me a message. Wholesale is preferred, because that will save you post costs, which are ridiculously high these days. I also hope I will put some more posts on the blog and hope to put on a mixtape to go with the zine. Check out my promo text below:

The theme of the third issue of Jagged Visions Zine is Japan. There are several interviews and articles about Japanese hardcore punk and noize. An article about legendary noize group Hijokaidan and their 30th year anniversary gig in Osaka that I saw. I also wrote pieces about the controversial punk bands GISM and The Stalin, who caused a lot of havoc in the eighties. Next to the past I also wrote reviews about my favorite Japanese bands of these days.There are three interviews with Japanese bands. Tone Deaf, trash hardcore punk from Osaka, singer Ryo talks about his band and his job as a social worker for mentally ill people. Cosmic Neurose, mix between Out Cold, Youth of Today and The Doors, about zoocore, hikikomori and karaoke. Slang from Sapporo, hardcore band that started in 1988, singer KO talks about the then upcoming US tour, child abuse and North Korea.

Cover of #3

In the magazine I also tell about my own experiences in Japan, where I lived for two months last year. I talked with several other people about their views of Japan. There is an interview with Emily of the Koenjicalling blog about the Tokyo punk scene and her life in Japan as an American punk girl. An interview with manga artist Marlon Teunissen, who made the awesome cover of the zine, about her experiences in Japan and manga. Then there are interviews with three bands about touring in Japan. The already defunct Frisian grindcore band My Minds Mine about the memories of their 2001 tour in Japan, Swedish hardcore band Fy Fan and Texas punks Unit 21 aboutrecent tours in Japan.

Jagged Visions zine #3 contains 40 pages and costs 2.50 Euro. For wholesale 2 Euro per piece. I also have some copies left of Jagged Visions 2 with Integrity, Seringai, Adolf Butler and Pulling Teeth, which you can get for 1 Euro extra. Please contact me at jaggedvisionszine at gmail dot com

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