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Ten reasons to like David Bowie even if you hate his music! #3

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David Bowie just went with retirement 2 weeks ago, when he became 65. So it is about time to get on with my top 10 of reasons to like Bowie eventhough he already retired 10 years ago! And this time it is an obvious one, since I assume there are a lot of people who do not care about Bowie’s music, but do like his Style. Bowie is glamourous, flamboyant and andrygonous fashion. Here some of my favorite pics!

Bowie as a mod

Bowie in Crowley pose

Bowie Glam style

Ziggy Stardust

Ziggy Stardust Era

Bowie in snakeskin jumpsuit going iceskating

posing in jumpsuit | Ziggy era

Nice suit!

The famous Alladin Sane cover

Bowie his make up and fashion around this time was influenced by Japanese Kabuki theatre.

Kabuki print

Picture by Terry O’Neill

Bowie as the Thin White Duke in his Soul era

Bowie in 1978 in Boston

Bowie Berlin era

Photo by Brian Duffy

I will not post the Labyrinth photo. Next David Bowiepost  will be on Bowie and facism!

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