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Joey Bada$$

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Probably every fucking blog is hyping Joey Bada$$. I guess so at least, but this kid really f*%k#$g deserves. A trip back to the nineties:

Bada$$ dude is 17 year old. Seems young , but check this amazing video of Biggie Small age 17 at NY streetcorner.



Papa’s Full Corn Biscuits

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The legendary Sherman of the electro folk noize band The Laffe Mietjes posted a couple of months some historical videos online of a Papa’s Full Corn Biscuits concert on Summerdance in 2001. This anarchistic noize ensemble only did a few performances and I didn’t know there were any videos of it. Especially cool because this video is on this great gabber/techno dance event Summerdance that unfortunately stopped. PFCB was made up of members of Rupsband and Panzerfaust. Members later appeared in other bands like earlier mentioned Laffe Mietjes, Satanic Barbarians from Hell!, Schweinsteigor, Vuurwagen, Painbrouwers, Massive Assault, Dirty East Godverdomme amd quite some other project. Check this energetic and raw material out and let me know your comments. 8 videos in total only 2 minutes!

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