Jagged Visions Zine is hardcore punk and noize magazine from the Netherlands.

The first issue of this DIY zine was published in May 2008 and featured interviews with hardcore bands like 108 from US, and an extended article about the noize act Whitehouse.

  1. issue 1 (May 2008) | Whitehouse, 108, Second Combat, Restless Youth and Second Combat
  2. issue 2 (June 2009) | Integrity, Seringai, Pulling Teeth and Adolf Butler
  3. issue 3 (December 2010) | Japan edition with interviews with Slang, Cosmic Neurose and Tone Deaf

Buy the zine and more zine from my distro at  http://jaggedvisionszine.bigcartel.com

What People say about Jagged Visions zine:

on issue #2

“Jagged Visions is a beautiful zine that is experimental in conept.   ….  The Theme of this issue is dreaming, and there is definitely an ethereal aesthetic about it -tons of pictures collaged really nicely and a lot of darkness”
Maximum Rock ‘n Roll zine # 317


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  1. nice! cool tastes on here, man.

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