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Zinestars #5

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Finally I got around to post some reviews of zines that I read! Zines are fun and when facebook is dead still be there!


Some Will Never Know #2

The second issue of Some Will Never Know is already out for a while and if you don’t have a copy yet it is about time to pick one up. This zine is really worth the money, like the first issue good long personal interviews with interesting people.  The ones that stood out for me were the interviews with Che the ex-singer of Born From Pain, that dude from Wales, Jos of Seein Red and with Pieter Hendriks who drummed in a lot of Dutch bands like Reaching Forward, Nrsimhadeva and also Born From Pain. Favorite story was probably the one with Serge de Maar who is the man behind the famous Innocent who tells about his travels and former political activities. It is really interesting which surprising stories a lot of people have to tell and all credits to Pim who gets that out of them. Like Jos of Seeing Red making house music like Fatboy Slim or Serge of Innocent about being in jail in Germany for terrorist activities.

There is also a nice article where a lot of different people tell their story about the Goudvishal in Arnhem. The now closed down concert hall was the main place for hardcore punk in the nineties in Holland which can be read in a lot of different memories from the volunteers, the bands and visitors. In the coming weeks I will try to write down my own memories and post them here!

Pim keeps continue writing and publishing on his blog and hopefully #3 will also once see the light.

Chaotiks Revenge #6/ Ploppy Pants # 10

Split zine from 2010 between Chaotiks Revenge from Holland by Marit and Ploppy Pants from Scotland by Roddy. Small crusty zines with short interviews, rants, reviews and personal stories about traveling. Chaotik has an interview with Regulations and a cool interview with people of Swomp who squatted a piece of fallow in the centre of Amsterdam to make a biological vegetable garden. Ploppy Pants is not shitty at all. I loved the great long in-depth interview with a guy called Jeeves, who really is the coolest Scottish punk ever. he tells about the early punk scene. The lucky dude saw the likes of Joy Division, Saxon, The Clash, Motorhead, Buzzcocks and on and one. In the early nineties he organized rave festivals in the mountains of Scotland, toured with his own band and roadied for Oi Polloi and Bloodshot. He has a lot of great anecdotes. Pick the zine up if you can, only 1 euro!

Keep it Real #10

Apostolis from Greece of Keep It Real out and unfortunately it is the last issue… This issue has like expected lots of interviews and a nice lay out. Interviews with bands like Fucked Up, Integrity, Throats, Bitter End and Lemuria. Dwid of Integrity didnt seem so inspired by the questions and only gave short cryptic answers, which in a way is also cool. The Fucked Up guys put a bit more effort in it but still seem to be answer a bit on the automatic pilot, but in a way also cool if asked about which bands in the current scene he likes the most, he honestly says he mostly listens to house music. Bitter End, Lemuria and Glasses interviews are nice. Personally I liked the interviews with the Greek bands Ruined Family and Antimob the most, just like the interview with the artist who made the awesome cover. Instead of collums on vegetarism or violent dancing I also would have loved to read some more about the pretty fucked up political situation in Greece, but maybe Greek kids are totally sick of it? Nice zine and I’m curious about what the new project is going to be!

Antidrasi listed by the guys of Antimob as one of their favorite Greek bands. I like it!

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