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Funny Japanese mosh pit

Posted in Japan with tags , , , on August 20, 2010 by Jagged Visions

I just found this funny video of a Cosmic Neurose show a couple of weeks ago in Tokyo. Tokyo Zoocore! Crazy helicopter view of the moshpit. Try to find the singer and hear the guys on the balcony laugh…

There is a crazy interview interview with these guys in my zine, which is really really coming out within a week!


The making of zine Jagged Visions #3

Posted in Interviews, Japan with tags , , , on July 14, 2010 by Jagged Visions

Finally I started with the last part of making my zine about Japanese punk&noize and my favorite thing to do:  the lay out. Of course it took much longer than planned to do everything. I had all the interviews finished a couple of months ago, but then i decided to write some articles myself about Japan and that took much longer than expected.  The problem is that a certain moment you just have to say to yourself to finish it , because you can keep correcting and adding things, but it will never be perfect anyway. So i started the cutting and pasting yesterday for the interview with Emily of koenji calling:

cut and paste

Here is some of my cut out material, including a Japanese news paper Asahi from the 50’s.

Material for the zine

So yeah I hope to finish it within a couple of weeks from now!!!!

I found out that people are still visiting this blog and it is fun to find out what search terms they use.  Here are my favorite ones:

– pregnant killed cut or sliced or ripped

– why is rob not on the fish morning show

– part one help me i am a fish

– people running away from king kong

And my absolute number one:

– what would sakevi do?

Cosmic Neurose

Posted in Japan with tags , , on June 17, 2010 by Jagged Visions

Straight from Tokyo Zoo! They describe themselves as a mix between Out Cold, Youth of Today and The Doors: Cosmic Neurose! In the next issue of Jagged Visions there will be an interview with these mad guys. As an introduction some videos:

Their 2nd album was released last year on Less Than TV Records. Check it Out!

Image Damn

Slang at Chaos in Tejas

Posted in Japan with tags , , , on June 1, 2010 by Jagged Visions

Check out this great video made by Mr Aiq which shows the  intense  faces pulled by the guitarist of the Japanese band Slang on their US tour Texas.  I guess this pretty much sums up everything that is great about Japanese Hardcore! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

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