Sounds from Siam: Hardcore-punk in Thailand

People may recognize this photo of the Thammasat massacre in Bangkok of 6th October 1976 as the cover of the Dead Kennedy’s Holiday in Cambodia single.

I’m the little brother of Willem, the editor and mastermind behind Jagged Visions Zine, I used to live in Bangkok for a year and had the plan to write an issue of Jagged Visions about hardcore-punk and underground culture in Thailand. I ended up interviewing some Thai hardcore kids that are involved in the scene by organizing stuff and creating music. I think I had some good ideas and lots of material and photos for a cut ‘n paste zine, but I have been slow with it. And now, more than a year later, I don’t have the willpower anymore to finish the zine. Part of the reason is that I was just not really happy with the stuff I had written. I did however have three finished interviews lying around, so when I decided to quit finishing the zine, I guess I could at the very least put the interviews online.

So there will be three interviews uploaded in the next month here on Jagged Visions. First one will be with the founder of Holding On Records, then with Yos Fest, a guy that has been involved for over a decade in organizing hardcore-punk shows in Bangkok, and finally with the singer of what is probably Thailand’s best hardcore-punk band: Born From Pain. All the interviews were conducted late 2011, early 2012.


One Response to “Sounds from Siam: Hardcore-punk in Thailand”

  1. Jagged Visions Says:

    A bit sloppy of Jello Biafra to chose a picture from Thailand for the Holiday in Cambodia cover, because here the commies are getting killed instead….

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