10 reasons to like David Bowie even if you hate his music #6

You might hate Bowie his music and prefer to listen to Skrillex, One Direction or Jay-Z, but damn if you are a marketeer you should fucking appreciate Bowie his skills to influence the media and the public!

Like mentioned in my previous post Bowie always has had a great sense of how to play the public. How to create a buzz. How to attract attention. How to boost record sales. Just by saying “he was gay” or making strange comments about fascism. Of course not everyone could do this without keeping his mystic and powerful image. Only Bowie can pull it off. It almost seems kitsch and spontaneous sometimes, still it is all part of a genius marketeer mind. Hell yeah, but yes also Goebbels was a great marketeer, Bowie would agree I guess.

Today turning 66 Bowie has done another masterstroke by releasing totally out of the blue a new single. “Where are we now” made him a trending topic on Twitter, newspapers and some blogs post about. Genius marketing plot without any accidental leaks or rumours, there was the announcement of a new album coming out in March and a new single with video, see below. Like the dude in the Guardian says while all other rockstars dip into nostalgia, Bowie is just Bowie! I love it. Happy birthday David Bowie!


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