Zinestars #10

Upheaval fanzine made by Craig from Boston US already exists since 1995! This is issue #15 and first time I get a copy of it. Upheaval  zine specializes in hardcore bands from all over the globe. In this issue an interview with Overkill for Profit from Azerbaijan and Co-Arse from the Philippines. Especially the Overkill for Profit is an interesting read about a pretty tiny isolated Hardcore punk scene in the Caucasus and on the social taboo to wear shorts in Baku. Pretty good band as well, check.

There are lots of reviews in the zine of mcd and cd splits of bands from Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. Like Craig says himself ironically “you might think Craig would love a band who was recorded in tin can while underwater with a broken 4 track”. And that is indeed the feeling i get when reading the reviews, it might not be the trendiest stuff or best recorded or whatever, it’s sincere and intense and isn’t that what hc is about? Same appreciation I also got when i read the review written by Craig and his friend, I might not gonna check out the bands, but i enjoyed reading the reviews.

Still best thing of Upheaval #15 is the personal interview with Keith Bennett. Dude played bass in the legendary Wrecking Crew from Boston and now he sings and plays guitar in Panzer Bastard. He also played bass in the live line up of Ramallah. Dude has had a lot of highs and lows in his life and openly talks about him being a coke head, auditioning for The Cult, manic depression, being on reality TV show and joining National Socialist party. Interviews is full of great stories and quotes. Some of my favorites of him singing in Bitter, a tough guy band with Chris from Slapshot, “I feel like I ruined those awesome songs with phony gangster bullshit”. Or him reflecting on his time with the National Socialist “I don’t think anyone is 100% free of prejudice. Whether it’s due to skin color or length of hair or not having the ‘proper’ clothes any given ‘scene’ dictates. The key is realizing asking yourself why. I learned it the hard way. Some never will.” I have got some copies left. For the kids from US please contact upheaval dot fanzine at gmail dot com


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