Zinestars #9

A couple of months ago I was at a hardcore show of the incredible Crazy Spirit with Vaccine and Sex Drive. I picked up newsletter “When Cowards Sleep”. A newsletter made by the dudes of Sex Drive with info on upcoming shows and a scene report. Straight back to pre-internet times and a hopeful sign of the implosion of hc messageboards.The newsletter also announced the release of zine ambiguously named # Hardcore.

That made me pretty siked and now finally got a copy of this Dutch zine by the drummer of Sex Drive. Cut and paste A4 zine that worships hardcore and reminds me a lot of that bunch of amazing Belgium zines that came out 10 years, that were again inspired by Schizm and  all these early NY zines. In # Hardcore ther is also an interview with Chris Wynne the man behind In Effect zine, one of the zines from that era. Dude brings up some memories from back in the days and how he made his zine, pretty cool. Also an interview with State Of Mind from Holland and straight edge hardcore from Boston No Tolerance. I love all these Boston hc and Lockin Out type of bands, but most interviews I read with them, these dudes always sounds a bit ignorant, way too cool and give some mock up answers. Still nice read and No Tolerance!!

Next to columns, reviews, top 10 youth crew 7″, pictures, a copied Murphy’s Law interview and interview with Rise and Fall. On each song of their new album Faith a specific question is asked by the interviewee who drummed himself as well with Rise and Fall. It makes a very pleasant read with interesting personal answers. One of the best Rise and Fall interviews I read and makes me have to get that LP asap. Get the zine, a must do here.



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