Doddodo – Do

Doddodo is a wonderful singer from Osaka who I posted on before after I saw a concert of her on an underground festival in Namba Bears in2009. She is a artists who mixes electronics, samples, keyboard, vocals to make this crazy unique songs that stick in your brain. Somehow her creative sampling reminds me of the Dutch indie artist Solex, who was actually quite popular in Japan as well in the nineties.

“Do” is the name of her second full length that was released in 2011. Looking at the simple and beautiful drawings in the booklet “Do” is explained in the Japanese sense as the way, just like AikiDo and JuDO.The album starts with noizy electronics and people shouting “Do” in a million different ways. Then the next songs have a lot of Japanese folk influences mixed with electronics. Between the songs there are as well these crazy experimental interludes. One of the best songs of the album is the sixth song, いろんな童, which google translates as “Various Child”? A straight up rock song with catchy sing-a-long that should be obligated on every indie self-respecting indie mixtape. Another one is the 8th song, 木、風, (Google: Trees, Wind…) which starts with some Radiohead Amnesiac era electronics bursting into some Japanese CSS style rap and then pop rock. She finished the album with a crazy ballad kind of song 夕日 (Google: Sunset), she pulls it off though and gets away with it. Doddodo is cool, best album from 2011 that you will hear in 2012!

The record industry must be in a deep recession, since the album only has been released in Japan so far. Luckily lots of Japanese distros do paypal these days, so you should be able to grab it from her site, japanese amazon, cdjapan and indie/punk distros. Egypt Records have it, who for the punk kids also have the last Skizophrenia ep and last Zyanose (Edit: sold out), so….

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