David Eliade Interview (Part 2)

Here is the second part of the David Eliade interview, the manager of Fucked Up. Click here for the start.

A: What is Wilsim Publogy?

D: Wilsim Publogy was an offshoot of Romanian Manicheanism, and the whole Gnosticism trip. It sees cosmology in the same way as the Gnostics, in that the universe, or the being, or whatever, is split into these two forces, “light” and “dark”, or what have you, but differs in that Publogy doesn’t see the forces as necessarily opposite, but the same. It’s more into dualism, more along the lines of Vedantic Hinduism, who thought in terms of the “non duality of duality”. The whole Kabbalist “two poles” idea where the opposing forces are actually just different expressions of the same thing.  We tried to be influenced by this when we were making “Hidden World”, and it shows up in songs like “Triumph of Life”, and “Two Snakes” and was the inspiration for the cover art. Actually, that’s another way Mircea comes back in, the quote we used from him in the record; “to be no longer conditions by a pair of opposites results in absolute freedom”. Especially in the world now where you’ve got your two political ideas, everyone has these strong feelings of wrong and right – we’re living in an age where the multitude has been slashed into these singular opposites where life is a series of choices between two opposites, and there are really only two ways of existing, you know “right” or “left”. It’s important I think to try and pull the crate back open, try to release these other ways of existing. And to do that we try to just take away the divisions and the opposites and just shine through Wilsim Publogy.

A: Is Wilsim Publogy about knowledge or does it also influence your (moral) behaviour in daily life?

D: It’s the knowledge we use to live. Publogy informs all of my decisions, it is my cosmology. It’s the thing I refer to when I need to make decisions. I see WP in everyone around me, I use it to evaluate other people, situations I find myself in. It is a doctrine for living to me.

A: Does it have any ritual practice?

D: Not ritual per se.

A: In ancient time people had tribal rituals to let go of suppressed emotions to reach a higher state of their inner self. In Indian philosophy there are yoga techniques aimed at escaping the limitation of the body to free the soul (atman) to reach a higher state (moksha or nirvana). Also according to modern psychiatrists like Wilhelm Reich, people will feel freer by getting rid of traumas through a combination of techniques involving feeling, breathing, punching, kicking and yelling. In some way these are all the ingredients, not only of a tribal dance, but also of a good punk show, and in particular a Fucked Up show, with kids moshing and sing-a-long. Do you see a Fucked Up show as a ritual for disillusioned kids in today’s society to let go their frustrations and maybe reach something higher?

D: Not so much. I think if that was the case you would see people getting a lot more emotional and uncontrollable at shows. Plus it isn’t so much disillusioned people at punk shows anymore for the most part, especially our shows.  It is an interesting idea though, and we used to try to unleash some of those feelings with sigils at gigs. People are too uptight, and a concert isn’t something you experience with your heart, now you use your brain.  Especially for young people, there are so many stressful things to worry about – how you look, what other people are thinking of you, fitting in, all those pressures, no one can really let lose.  Not enough drugs involved either! On the next tour we’re gonna bring along an orgasmotron to unleash the orgone energy in the room.

A: Are you into shamanism, magick or any other means of reaching a higher state of consciousness? If so, can you or anyone else in Fucked Up claim to have had any paranormal experiences?

D: The next Fucked Up record is entitled “The Chemistry of Common Life”, which refers to a mushroom textbook from a long time ago.  So check.  I’ve dabbled with magick on and off for several decades. I sometimes like to credit Fucked Up as being my servitor to access the minds of young people.  Not sure about the paranormal experience stuff, you would have to ask them!  I certainly never have seen anything I would call paranormal.

A: In the inlay of the Hidden World booklet is a text about the origin and harmony of the world: “Vibrations and hums the quantum sum where we’re from”. You do not have to explain quantum physics, but can you explain your general idea of balance in the cosmos?

D: Well it’s the Wilsim Publogy trip again – we just feel the constant hum of unification throughout the cosmos. That piece (“Looking for Life”) is about seeing the cosmos as one massive conduit for creating life. One of the quantum realities deals with the idea that maybe when you turn your back there’s nothing behind it, that the physical reality we’re surrounded by is manifested inside our heads, rather than outside it. So if there is no human consciousness that manifests the universe?  It’s this nice one-sided romanticized view we decided to run with – there is a picture by Kubin we used on the Year of the Dog 12″ that shows Satan ejaculating humanity onto earth, and its sort of the same view – the 14 billions years of space was the preparation for the consciousness that would be able to bask in the glory.  That text is trying to follow the evolution of life through time and into the future.  We like to see the balance in the cosmos as just that, a cradle for life. How there is the pattern of self-replication, at every level, that manage this constant recycling of materials to keep pushing life and existence into the future.

A: Are there any final misunderstandings about David Eliade you want to eliminate?

D: That I don’t exist!

Kubin: Satan ejaculating over earth


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