Heavy Rocks!!!!!!!

The new album by Japanese heavyweights BORIS is out now or actually I should say new albums, because they released two albums at the same time.  “Heavy Rocks” and “Attention Please”. Both albums share one song “Aileron”, but the albums are really different. “Attention Please” is the more heavy noisy drone album with a lot of female vocals. A nice album, but the other release “’Heavy Rocks” totally blows me away!!

Heavy Rocks by Boris

It is a long time I have been so impressed by new LP. The album mixes heavy rock with stoner and metal and psychedelic and drones and ambient and whatever else. It is a real rollercoaster of amazing riffs and in my opinion the best that Boris released so far! I hear influences of My bloody Valentine, Black Sabbath, Les Rallides des Nudes, Sunn O))), Brian Eno! It is also more poppy to what they released before. I don’t mind. Boris rocks. Check out live stream at 3voor12radio.

There are guest vocals by Aaron Turner and Ian Astbury of The Cult. Fucking awesome! Best album of the year!


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