Zinestars #6

Got two kickass zines from the Philippines in the post this week. Check my reviews below! Zines rule, blogs suck! 🙂

Incidental Afterthought #13/ I Remember Halloween 5

Split zines between this two half size zines from the Phillippines. I Remember Halloween by Dane Cortes start has some cool interviews with From Ashes Rise, Crippled Black Phoenix and Low Vision from Japan. Especially the Crippled Black Phoenix interview is interesting with them talking about all kind of stuff like films, their jobs and their artwork. The Low Vision interview is short and the answers are in broken English, but still gives a good vibe where these dudes are into. One of the best Japanese trash bands out there, especially live check this energetic video!

split zine

The second half of the split zine, Incidental Afterthought #13 is by a dude named Joseph Wordslinger with help of some friends. The zine has two long interviews with Eye Hate God and Moloch from the UK. A long interesting piece about why there are no serial killers in the Philippines. I remember when I was in Indonesia they just caught a cannibal serial killer named Sumanto who thought he became immortal when he ate his victims. Dukun! Black Magic. Do they really not have this stuff in Phillippines? I can’t believe it, but lucky for them.  Nice dark, original zine with lots of personality, I have to get the remaining 12 issues somehow…

I Remember Halloween #6

Issue number 6 of IRH only covers local Philippine bands, scene report and only reviews of local zines and bands. There seem to be a lot of zines out there, which I would like to see over here as well… Bands interviewed are Rush Id, Isvarah and Isukas over Disneyland. I never heard of them, still i liked to read what they had to say. Always good to read that the same scene bullshit politics are everywhere the same. Good concept, still next time I would like to read some interviews with foreign bands again!


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