It’s been a while since I updated my blog. Last time I just had my zine about Japan finished. I already sold most of the zines, but this still have some left. So be quick if you are still interested. I had some pretty cool feedback and also if you are not into Japanese punk it is a nice introduction into it!

The good things about releasing zines is trades. Nothing better than coming back home after a day work to find a package with zines and music. I picked up some cool zines and still expect some more stuff. In the coming days I will put some reviews of zines like Some Will Never Know II, Poppy’s pants, Maximum RnR I read online.

Didn’t go to a lot of concerts lately. I only went to a hc show with Downpresser, New Morality and Cornered in Utrecht. It was actually a really good show, especially New Morality blew me away. I saw them quite a lot last year and this was the best show so far! I also bought the Dealt With It split of them. Check Below.

In the coming weeks I hope to post some more updates and some old interviews!

And this one is for George Best!!!



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