Sogo Ishii Music Videos (Part 1)

Sogo Ishii is probably most well known for his legendary punk movie Burst City from 1982.  Besides movies he also directed several amazing music videos, which have a lot in common to his DIY style film making. He also makes noize, punk and industrial music himself. For example he played in the project who made the music for Electric Dragon 80.000 V.

One of the first music  videos he shot was a song “Restoration” by Anarchy, but I can’t find it on the net. So the first video I show here is “Romantist” by the Stalin.  The Stalin already played a big role in Burst City and later Sogo Ishii also directed a VHS video of their goodbye tour “The Stalin For Never.  Here is the official video of “Romantist”

Fucking classic if you ask me, I found another video of the song “Stop Jap” and I dont know from which VHS release it is a fragment. It is without doubt shot by Sogo Ishii. Check out the early digital effects and the noize in the tunnel. This dude was say far ahead of his time. That he doesn’t make to any Pitchforkmedia kind of top hundred of best videos shows how fucking western imperial fucking elitists these lists are. Like all good videos were shown on American MTV??

Another band that played a major role in Burst City were The Roosterz, but in 1984 when Ishii shot a documentary of their Japan tour they really mellowed.  Here is a fragment of that video “Paranoiac Live”.  I really did my best to find my favorite song…

The next great video of the popular Japanese street dance group Isseifubi Sepia tells a story, not unlike Thriller by Michael Jackson. The band has been disbanded and all the member now have different crappy job and lost touch with each other. Then they all get messages for a secret reunion. A funny video with a lot of humor, but Ishii’s dark, industrial style with a love for concrete and metal is recognizable out of thousand.

When Ishii was in Berlin to promote Crazy Family on a film festival he bumped into Einsturzende Neubaten. They agreed him to shoot a documentary of their forthcoming Japan tour.  Industrial, flesh, metal, empty warehouses and noizes. Really intense! Here is a part of the documentary “Halber Mensch” with the Japanese butoh dance group Byakko-Sha performing.


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