Encroached and Love Potion

Last night I saw Encroached (JPN) and Love Potion in the Winston in Amsterdam.  Seein’ Red opened the show with a decent set. Then Love Potion from Copenhagen came on stage. They play a blend of heavy hardcore with a Mötorhead RnR vibe. The later songs also had a bit of GISM. The singer had a bit of masochistic act on stage with printing a bunch of burning incense on his body and wrapping himself around the microphone cord.  Good show and I was pleasently.

Last band of the night was Encroached from Tokyo. I think the flyer said crust hardcore, but it was much more like Japanese trash hardcore. It is sometimes a bit of pity that all hardcore from Japan gets qualified as crust.  The band was really excellent with an amazing drummer who mixing insome jazz patterns or something. The bass player in Iterismo shirt had crazy riffs.  The excellent guitarist was showing of an Tone Deaf shirt by the way.  Singer went bezerk and ran into the small audience a couple of times.  Oh my god again I know why I  love Japanese hardcore so much! The Encroached and Love Potion Europe tour almost ended. I think they still play Hamburg and Malmö!


Encroached in Amsterdam

I bought a tour shirt, Love Potion tour EP,  4 split cd with Encroaced and an OCCII live DVD with Fy Fan, Goverment Warning, Night Fever, Seein Red,  MDC and many more.

The Loot


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