The making of zine Jagged Visions #3

Finally I started with the last part of making my zine about Japanese punk&noize and my favorite thing to do:  the lay out. Of course it took much longer than planned to do everything. I had all the interviews finished a couple of months ago, but then i decided to write some articles myself about Japan and that took much longer than expected.  The problem is that a certain moment you just have to say to yourself to finish it , because you can keep correcting and adding things, but it will never be perfect anyway. So i started the cutting and pasting yesterday for the interview with Emily of koenji calling:

cut and paste

Here is some of my cut out material, including a Japanese news paper Asahi from the 50’s.

Material for the zine

So yeah I hope to finish it within a couple of weeks from now!!!!

I found out that people are still visiting this blog and it is fun to find out what search terms they use.  Here are my favorite ones:

– pregnant killed cut or sliced or ripped

– why is rob not on the fish morning show

– part one help me i am a fish

– people running away from king kong

And my absolute number one:

– what would sakevi do?

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