Zinestars #4

Just Say Yo! (****)

Yo! The drawing on the cover is fucking awesome. Just Say Yo! zine from France by Nab starts with four quality interviews with a good mix of band Circles, Pulling Teeth, Not Sorry and Police&Thieves. Especially the Pulling Teeth interview kicks ass. Then there is good long interview with Trapped Under Ice, still I can’t start to like the band as much as everyone does. I don’t know I just guess it’s me. The zine finishes with an interview with the band North Lincoln, who I never heard of, but I definitely should check them out. The reviews of records and zines are a good read as well, just like the “A Bridge Too Many “tour report. Yo, just check this zine out!

Just Say Yo! #3 Fanzine

Keep It Real #9 (****)

While taking a break of throwing stones to the police Apostolis finished the 9th issue of Keep It Real. The zine covers a wide range of bands and also the interviews differ a lot in quality. The interviews with Deathwish bands Lewd Acts and Pulling Teeth are quite crap, partly due to the bands that seem quite ignorant and the questions are standard. Although the interview in Just Say Yo! with Mike of Pulling Teeth (instead of Dom in this zine) was really good and also done by mail. On the other hand there is also an interview Greg Bennick of Trial who replied with really long inspirational answers. Even Poison The Well, who I thought made crappy MTV nu metalcore these days, pull of some cool answers. There are two nice interviews with Vitamin X and Birds of Feather, but I hope to see some other Dutch bands interview next time in a foreign zine. There is more than BOAF and Vitamin X in Dutch hardcore! I still have to read the piece on Krishna and hardcore. For now don’t be afraid to send your Euros to Greece, this zine is well worth it.

Keep It Real zine #9


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