Caterpillar by Koji Wakamatsu

For my next zine I was writing a piece about the movie United Red Army by Koji Wakamatsu (who is still banned from US) and noticed he just released a new movie “Caterpillar” which seems to be quite interesting. Check the trailer:


In war human beings are violated, chopped up and burnt by other human beings.
Humans violating other humans.
Humans chopping up other humans.
Humans burning other humans.

Is there such a thing as a just war? Before the arrival of billowing mushroom clouds, falling incendiary shells or large-scale massacres, there were brightly lit houses filled with men, women, the aged and children— human beings. It was there that they ate and slept, ate and slept; living their routine lives.

What is the meaning of war? What is the meaning of people killing people for the sake of their country? Where in the world can we find a just war?

Don’t forget the stench of blood that covered the earth!
Don’t forget the smell of burnt flesh!
We must not forget… for this is what war is.

Over 140,000 people died in the Hiroshima Atomic bomb attack.
Over 70,000 people died in the Nagasaki Atomic bomb attack.
984 class B and C war criminals were sentenced to death.
Over 100,000 died in the Bombing of Tokyo.
Over 20 million died in the Asian continent.
Over 60 million died in World War II.


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