Zinestars #3

At Both End Zine 9/10 & I Remember Haloween 2/3

I Remember Halloween #3/#4 (****)

 I once got a zine from Philippines before that wasn’t that great. So I was a bit skeptical, but I Remember Halloween proved me wrong. Issue #3 totally rocks with a focus on the Japanese scene report and interviews with Completed Exposition, Dudman and DreadEye. Especially the extensive interview with the American singer of Dudman is really cool. Issue # 4 has on third page a picture of nun with a bar over her eyes written: “Listen to Sabbath”. Totally cool dark imaginary, just like tons of reviews of zines and records and interesting interviews with some SE Asian bands. Fourth issue is a bit more on crusty and sludge bands, interviews with Thou, Protestant and Fight Amp. Great zine.

At Both Ends Zine (****)

Last issue of this zine from Vancouver Canada comes as a double issue of 140 pages including two 7”s with songs by Grade and Bane. The lay out and interviews of At Both Ends are professionally done without it losing the personal touch of the main man behind it Stephen Fallis. In the interviews he focuses on a wide range of topics like environment issues, movies, tour stories and of course scene politics. My favorite parts are the Bane Latin America tour report, Greg Bennick of Trial about his documentaries the zine making special and the Sick Of It All interview.

By the way check out below the trailer of the last documantary Greg Bennick produced:


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