Struggle For Pride – Cut Your Throat

Last week I got a package from Japan including the new Struggle For Pride ”Cut Your Throat “. Again I totally have to change my opinion about the band, because this is something totally different than the ep I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.


The CD starts with a jazzy Hip Hop intro with the Japanese rapper NIPPS that reminds me of Madlib before it bursts into a fast heavy industrial song with a good layer of noise over it. The second songs starts with a harsh noise peep of couple of ten seconds and then the drums, guitars and aggressive vocals can be heard through the noise. This is a more chaotic hardcore song like the songs on their EP. My brother called it crust but I think its way better than the average crust band. The third song is a cover of the amazing Silver Machine originally by hippie rockers Hawkind. It’s a fucking awesome cover with soft vocals and a melody through the noise that makes me reminded me of My Bloody Valentine. They finish the CD with an instrumental hip hop track of 2 minutes. WTF?!? Do they think they are the Japanese Beastie Boys of noize? A great cd ep and I’m really curious how they will pull off a proper full length, coz 14 minutes is a bit short!


One Response to “Struggle For Pride – Cut Your Throat”

  1. They do have a full length titled “You Bark We Bite” that was released in 2006. It’s a cd plus dvd. I have a copy of it, as a friend ordered a few from Japan for his distro.

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