Goodbye 2009!!!

Here is my yearlist of 2009 which is influenced a bit by my amazing two months stay in Japan last summer.


1. UG Man – Ah Good
2. Paintbox – Trip Trance & Travelling
3. Anthony and the Johnsons – The Crying Light
4. Kickback – No Surrender
5. Struggle For Pride – Change the Mood 7″
6. Wasted Time – Utility
7. Integrity/Creep Out split 7″
8. Animal Collective – MPP
9. Organisms – Hope
10. Struggle For Pride – Cut Your Throat

I also discovered a lot of old stuff.  Of course a lot of Japanese HC with Judgement, GISM, Warhead, Gudon  and Outo being my favorites. Right now I’m listening to Japanese psych music.

Best shows:

1. Hijokaidan ,Bears Osaka

2. Zyanose, Bears Osaka

3. Goverment Warning and Wasted Time Occi Amsterdam

4. Pixies, HMH  Amsterdam

5. Nightmare, Socio Osaka

6. Gewapend Beton release show, Occii Amsterdam

7. Merzbow, Het Paard Den Haag

8. Night Fever, Occi Amsterdam

9. Angel OD, Osaka

10. Doddodo, Osaka

My favorite Zines:

Ignorance is Strength, Adverse zine and Tales of Shatou!

I’m looking forward to 2010. A lot of good things are coming and I’m also working on the third issue of Jagged Visions zine about Japan this time.  Happy new year!


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