Struggle For Pride

When I was in Japan at hardcore punk shows I asked a lot of Japanese kids what their favorite current band was. There was one band that a lot of them mentioned: Struggle For Pride. First I was kind of put off by their terrible name which reminded me of some tough guy European hardcore band from the mid nineties, but I got over it and bought their EP “Change The Mood” from a Japanese distro.

 On first listening it was something totally different from expected, a hard harsh noise layered over the whole song with something as a band playing short explosive pieces in the background with a lot of feedback and distortion. The other side was also one song and more of the same with some distorted high-pitched screaming through it. I mean I love noize music, but I couldn’t figure out why all these Japanese kids were raving about this band. I checked out YouTube and found videos of their concerts that also sounded like one continuing cacophony of noise. Not really like what I expected to be the favorite Japanese hardcore punk band, still the videos had a lot of hits. So yeah, they are popular in Japanese underground, but still I couldn’t really get it.   

Now 3 months later I listened to the EP more and more and I’m getting it. This band is awesome. Let me explain why. A lot of noize bands, not to mention all these dreading sludge bands, have this approach where the sound is getting thicker, heavier and denser building up to some kind of a climax. Struggle for Pride also builds up the tension, but something else happens then as well and that is probably also why they appeal so much to these hardcore punk kids, they fucking explode! Over the layers of noise and feedback the singer starts screaming to unleash feelings of rage and hate that make you want to mosh through your room and destroy everything. Something like a mix of Boris, Merzbow and Gauze. Fucking brilliant!

 Struggle for Pride just released a new cd “Cut Yourself” that I ordered last week from Japan. There are also some old releases available including a split with Japanese garage punkers of Guitar Wolf and there is project with Merzbow in the pipeline. Talking about Merzbow I saw him last weekend in The Hague doing an amazing set. He had a drummer with him on stage and still proved to be the God of noize. I only still have peeeep in my ears…..


3 Responses to “Struggle For Pride”

  1. man! can u give me the address of this distro web site for this SFP release? thanks! respect

  2. thanks my man! respect

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