Seein’ Red 20 Years anniversary

Last weekend I went to see Seein’ Red’s 20th years gig in the OCCII in Amsterdam. Special for this occasion they recorded a 7″ with 8 covers of old Dutch punk bands like The Rondos, Jesus and The Gospelfuckers and The Bizon Kidz.

Seein' Rats

The Seein' Red 7" and poster

To be honest I’m not a huge Seein’ Red fan, as I almost never play their records at home, but I always enjoy their live shows.   This time it was better, because they played all these covers. Especially their version cover of Pandemonium’s  “We Fahren Gegen Nazis”  was amazing. Seein’ Red is always quite outspoken about their principles, sometimes a bit too dogmatic for me, but like the singer said: “bettter be black or white, than grey“. I hope they continue for a while, especially in the current climate of fear and hate in Holland.

The support bands were also cool. Possible Suspects had this cool post punk vibe with multi-vocals and played a great cover of Wire. The other band was the d-beat crust Ruidosa Immundica from Austria with a small girl from Argentina on who did some really really brutal vocals. Check it out if you like Los Crudos.

Edit: Check here a great quality video of the whole Seein’ Red set:



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