Above picture shows Japanese  war atrocities during WWII in Nanking China. It is a ep cover of the old Japanese punk band Tranquilizer from the island of Hokkaido, who played really fast noizecore like you never heard before. They have released two 7″ inches, which are pretty hard to find these days. You can download their first 7″ from 7inchpunk blog. Listen to the fucking weird howling singing. Insane!

Anyway their singer became a doctor and married a famous Japanese female pro-wrestler Jagur Yokata. So this lead to the following funny moment on a typical Japanese TV show. The guy with the funny haircut and the glasses was the singer of Tranquilizer.

She is pretty tough:

Anyway cute couple, I love these short typical Japanese videos (what’s the deal with them??) and amazing noize punk band:


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