Zinestars #2

There always has been a good tradition of zine making in Holland, but in early years of 2000’s there weren’t that many new zines coming out. So it is great to see that last years in an age of blogs, twitter and e-zines a new wave of Dutch zines has appeared each one with its own unique feature. 
Some Will Never Know #1 (****)   
Zine made the singer of Said and Done which already came out in summer of 2008. The zine is 86 pages thick and printed on high quality shiny paper which really shows its  professional looking design without losing any of the DIY feeling it still has.  The fonts he choose throughout the zine and the effects he uses are great and only really simple the words “Some Will Never Know” on the cover look really cool.
Some Will Never Know #1

Some Will Never Know #1

 Pim states in the introduction that he wanted to do personal, in-depth interviews in this zine, like in Anti-Matter. He really succeeded in doing that. There are cool interviews with Jonah Jenkins (Only Living Witness) and  Patrick Kitzel (True Blue and Spawn), who moved from Germany to the US to start Reaper Records, the hardcore label of the moment.  The interview with Andrew of my favorite mp3 blog aversionline is a bit disappointing, because it doesn’t get really really personal. It’s probably due to the fact that the interview is done by mail. I guess people are less open through the internet, especially when you never met them in real life. By the way a small thing that bothers me about these mail interviews are the smilies. I think they don’t look nice in printed zines, maybe on a blog you get away with it.  😉

 The Dutch interviews with Harm Haverman (Reaching Forward, MLIW, etc), Rob Huiskes (Light The Fuse Fest) and Ronald of Not Just Words Records are interesting and personal, but my favorite interview is the one with the Belgium kid . Didier Baert talks about a rare lung disease he got during an accident at work, which gave him  a lot of financial trouble and  caused him to break up his band Losing Streak.  Heavy stuff, especially when he also explains about his family background.

 There is also a cool feature on how to run a label, do a zine, to put up a show and to shoot photo’s at shows with feedback and useful tips by a lot of people from the scene who have experience with it. Great zine with personal interviews. I can’t wait for Some Will Never Know #2.

Twisted Wrongs and Crooked Rights #4 (****)   

  This already the fourth issue of this zine by Daniel and Rowald, which is getting better with every issue.  The cover of this issue is done by Javier Ruie who made a great drawing. Only the  fonts chosen for the name of the zine and the bands don’t really do justice to the cover in my opinion, which is a pity because the lay out inside the zine is like that of a professional magazine.  

Twisted Wrongs & Crooked Rights #4

There are 7 interviews , a special on cruelty free cooking and lots of reviews. The special on vegan cooking is cool. It doesn’t come with the usual “meat is murder” blanter. The interview with vegan chef Patricia Ganswind just shows how good vegan food can be, especially raw food according to her. I also like the interview with straight edge band  Stay Hungry from Sweden, where the singer also talks about being vegetarian and he admits that he feels wrong to wear Nike shoes.                       

The other interviews in the zine are also worth to be read. The interview with Cave In is an interview with 3 different members which is cool. For a non-Cave In fan like me it is a bit too much info, but if you like them you  get to read a lot about their new projects and they even announce a new Cave In record after a hiatus of more than 4 years. The interview with co-editor of the zine Rowald about his old band Pantherland was for me a bit too much an in-crowd interview about history of the band than the in-depth friends talk it potentially could have been. I mean if you can interview a friend of you, than you have damn good excuse to ask him things you normally wouldn’t dare to ask. I kind of miss that, but it is still a good read. By far the best interview in this issue is the long interview with Damian of Fucked Up. He rambles on about a lot of different topics and is just like on stage a funny guy.  There is already a new issue of TW & CR in the pipeline with interviews with Propagandhi, Neurosis and Trapped Under Ice. I will come out this winter. Make sure to pick it up!

Ignorance is Strength #1 (****)

Ignorance is Strength is the new zine by Wouter who did the Clocked In zine before. I only checked out one of the 3 issues of Clocked In, but what I know from it this new zine is a big leap forward. The zine has a nice cut and paste lay out and a lot of cool live pictures. Small remark here would be that most pictures are from Facetheshow website, the pictures are great,  but still have the hiphop style logo on the picture which is a bit ugly a zine. I like the drawing of the rat on the cover by the way.           

   There are 12 different interviews in the zine, with a lot of cools bands.   I would have prefered to see  a bit longer in-depth and personal interviews, instead of a  lot of short interviews that seem to have been done by e-mail. Still you got to know quite a lot about a lot of upcoming bands. Cornered, Oathbreaker, New Lows, Black Breath and Blind To Faith are definitely bands that im going to check out from what I have read. Keep it Clear and Goldust are my favorite interviews. Especially the Goldust interview stands out to me. It seems to be an interesting hardcore band who is doing its own thing and with interesting ideas behind the songs. I’m definitely going to check out their release ” NOIR”.

 The best part of the zine are the Casting Shadows columns by different hardcore kids who are not introduced. So  from some I don’t know who is who,  but I guess most are bands and do zines and stuff. They wrote about a song from which the lyrics have a special meaning to them. It lead to a lot of impressive personal stories. My favorite pieces were the ones by Coorde, Dre and Wouter himself who picked a song by Supertouch. Especially the story by Coorde of Dead Stop who picked ‘I can see clearly now’  by Johnny Nash which was played at his mum’s funeral is really touching. Great zine! 


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