Sakevi of GISM

Last week Koenjicalling posted this amazing video of GISM where  singer Sakevi walks around with a flame thrower into threats the audience. Fucking sick intense atmosphere, especially with the droning industrial noise  and haunting guitar solos by Uchida, almost surreal.

Here is part 2 as well, which is bit less  interesting. At the end Sakevi argues with a kid a camera who apparently made a photo he didn’t like…

I found some more videos with weird behaviour of Sakevi. Punk band Laughin’ Nose live in Yokohama with Sakevi doing guest vocals. He is full of rage, throws a chair into the audience and at the end some fire crackers explode.

Here is a GISM live video of the song “Still Alive”. Half way the show you see Sakevi beating the shit out of some one.  Take also note of the amazing guitar riffs that Uchida plays.

Finally the famous video where Sakevi comes on stage during a talk show on National Japanese television from 1982. He grabs the microphone from the singer of  Jagatara,  I guess he screams  “Die”  and ends up in a fight. The quality of the video is a bit shaky, but still more than enjoyable.  Fucking legend.

Sakevi now designs t-shirts for stl THL which are sold in cloth design shop Undercover in Tokyo. Here an example:

Shirt designed by Sakevi in 2009

More about Sakevi later in an interview I did with Emily from the before mentioned koenjicalling blog.  Last night went to see the second European screening ever of Shinjuku Mad by Koji Wakamatsu who is famous to put revolutionary messages in pink films.  A movie about a man who comes from Kyushu to Tokyo to find out why his son has been killed. He discovers that his son has been killed by revolutinary leftist hippie gang on motorbikes, because he was a spy for the police.  The revolutionary ideas of Shinjuku Mad and his hippie friends  remain a bit unclear, they are in good Japanese tradition, not unlike Sakevi, really nihilistic. The old man understand why they had to kill a traitor like the Edo militia also would do in the past, but doesn’t really get their loose morals of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Best part of the low budget movie is to see how the hippies lived in Tokyo in 1970 and the amazing jazzsoundtrack by John Zorn.


5 Responses to “Sakevi of GISM”

  1. Great blog man, I really like it!

    I guess you already know that Sakevi also appears in the video Geotropism and where it’s more surpising in the film “Robinson’s Garden” (Robinson no niwa, 1987

    I captured some shots:

    What a fucking shame you coulnd’t see Paintbox, they must be amazing! But well, Nightmare are great too… The change of Tranquilizer’s singer is unbelievable! hahaha

    Ok, I hope you update soon, I will be waiting!


    • Jagged Visions Says:

      Thanks man. I knew Sakevi acted in some movies, but I didn’t see them yet. Just did a little search on the net and noted that Sakevi also did a song for Geotropism, which is also the following release:

      I still have to check out Sakevi’s noize stuff. He also did a release with Jojo Hiroshige of Hijokaidan. Yeah, a dammn shame i didn’t see Paintbox, I wasn’t familiair with their music at that point. I’m listening to their new album “Trip, Trance & Traveling” a lot right now, which makes it even harder to realize that I had the chance to see a show of an amazing band that rarely does any live shows. I read later that this was probably their last tour ever…

      • Sorry, the images didn’t appear. HTML code is superior than me.

        Anyway, if someone is interested, check this link:

        Sincerely, I watched ‘Geotropism’ a few years ago, I don’t remember it, but I didn’t like it too much. I have been unable to watch “Robinsons Garden” from the beginning to the end. I don’t speak English, so I didn’t understand the subtitles and the rhythm of the film was too slow for me. I only searched for the scenes that Sakevi appeared. Anyway, both can be download from internet easily.
        Same thing happens to me with Sakevi noise albums, too harsh for me. I rather to listen some accessible stuff such as YBO2.

        Yeah, Paintbox is awesome, I haven’t bought yet the new album, but when I will see it in any european distro, I will buy it immediately. I have to conform to see them in the Burning Spirits DVD hahaha

        Finally, although you said that you didn’t like very much World Burns To Death, I can’t go out without recomend their last album “The Graveyard of Utopia”, with the colaboration from members of Forward and Chelsea from Paintbox. Yes, it’s more metallic than their previous releases, but it’s fucking killer!


  2. disneyland vacations…

    […]Sakevi of GISM « Jagged Visions Zine[…]…

  3. Keep these areilcts coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

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