Yesterday I went to see Nightmare with some other bands in Osaka. I was too late so I missed Organisms… Bummer. So the first band I saw was Masterpeace, who sound like Rage Against the Machine on speed. They are a good band, but three guitarist combined with a turntable makes it too messy.  Next up was Nightmare who totally fucking rule! Explosive show and an energetic crowd.  D-beat crust is not my favorite style, but if it is played like this I definitely love it.nightmare4

For the first time ever I also made an attempt to make a live video, sound quality is quite poor, but a lot of live footage on youtube has that issue. Check yourself:

After that World Burns to Death from Texas came on stage. They sound quite like Prong I thought, but then not so tight. They are a good band, but compared to the Japanese bands just not good enough and for me it was way too crusty metal anyway.

After that Blowback from Niigata who also a bit too metal for my taste, but totally fucking rule. The singer goes nuts and the band plays tight, precise and fast.Unfortunately I had to catch the last metro out to my place, so I missed Paintbox. Oops….



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