The Sound of Insects

For the second edition of Jagged Visions zine I didn’t spent a lot of time on making the cover. On the first edition I actually did spent time on it and that didn’t really work out. It was too chaotic and it came unexptected really grey out of the copy machine. Although it captured a lot of subjects that where in the zine it definitely wasn’t an eyecatcher that would trigger a lot of people to buy the zine…

So for the second issue everything had to be different. First I wanted an artist to design the cover of the the second edition, but that didn’t work out in the end. So I decided to just make a simple cover with a symbolical strong image. I went through my big pile of photo’s and pictures that  I collected throughout the year and chose this strong image of Death that is maybe  a bit  heavy metal, but quite strong in my opinion….

 Death cover

I later found out it was a picture I cut out of the leaflet of the Rotterdam International Film Festival.  It is a still from a documentary “The Sound Of Insects” by the Swiss artist Peter Liechti. It is really bad but in the stress of finishing the zine I didn’t credit him in the zine. So I thought i could kind of make it up to dedicate a post to it. I just wacthed the trailer and it is  a really interesting documentary. It is based on the notes of someone who committed suicide throug self-imposed starvation in the mountains and is based on a true story. It sounds a bit like a more hardcore version of “Into The Wild” Check out the trailer yourself:


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